Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Foolin', C is 15 Months Old Today!

I know you must have thought I was trying to pull y'all's chains... Caden...15 Months Old?! Didn't he just celebrate his 1st birthday?! I KNOW!! That's what I'm saying! He is becoming such a little boy. If it wasn't for the chub that still resides in his thigh region I wouldn't have an ounce of baby left! Praise God for those chunky legs!! :)

Caden had his 15 month well-check this week and all is looking good. He is developing right on target for now, and for all your moms out there, there is nothing sweeter than those words is there? I am so thankful for a healthy boy! Justin and I say all the time..."We'll take cranky, we'll take moody, we'll take stubborn, we'll take rambunctious, we'll take FLAT out bad ALL day over the alternative!" We are thankful!

Not that Caden is ever bad of course! To be honest we haven't had any discipline problems at all. We barely ever have to use the word no, and we've never had to spank, swat, or even give him a love tap! He is the most respectful child...always listening the first time. What a sweet and adorable angel he is... ALWAYS! Sweet Caden!


This month has brought on some pretty big challenges in the discipline department. My child is quite stubborn (NO IDEA WHERE HE GETS IT) and once something is in his head, it doesn't matter how many "NOs" we say or times we swat, flick, spank... he's gonna keep on, keepin' on until he's got it... but bless his little heart, he just doesn't get it...MOMMY ALWAYS WINS! 

Well at least that is my goal. I did have a moment this week where I was feeling the control of the battle slipping away. He was beginning to get the upper hand and I wasn't gonna have any of it, so what did I do?


I asked KK how she felt about "time out." We talked it through came up with a spot and so far Caden has done time out twice! Both times it has worked (at least he didn't head right back over to the "trouble zone" and attempt whatever it was again!). I am feeling good about this new step and am hopeful that I can continue to remain one step ahead of my lil man! It's tough, isn't it?! They are smart little boogers!!

I keep telling him it is for his own good and it REALLY is... the things he tries are just down right dangerous and could definitely get him hurt! Oh dear! We're workin' through it and I am definitely picking my battles!  Again... wouldn't change it for ANYTHING. I love his little personality no matter how stubborn sometimes... he is who God made him to be... he just needs a little constructive guidance every once in awhile aka every 5 minutes! :)

His words are coming along too. We are "uh-oh'ing" it ALL the time! His favorite word by far. He also says Da-Da and Ma-Ma which is actually "more" not Mommy. Still using the point and grunt to get my attention! Ha! :) He also says "hello" which is my favorite word of his... it sounds so cute, but he doesn't say it all that much still! He has his own sweet little language that he uses when he gets super fired up, but mostly the point and grunt is all the communication he needs! 

Probably one of the most exciting/special things we have noticed this month in Caden is his acknowledgement and love for singing his "church songs." Our children's worship team does such an awesome job of putting super fun motions into each song. It has been amazing to see Caden pick up on those motions and be able to do them when we sing with him at home. Even though I know he doesn't completely grasp what he is doing it makes my heart happy to see him waving his arms in the air and clapping his hands for Jesus! One part of one of his songs says "Angels bow before Him," so often when ANY music comes on he starts to bow... how great for him to learn these treasures so early! I am so thankful to be in a church that is so invested in shepherding these little hearts from a VERY young age to Jesus! 

Caden is also becoming braver and braver around our dogs. He is now running free with them out in the back yard. He gets knocked down and licked to death still but he is learning to stand his ground and push their noses away from his face and of course they are figuring out their boundaries around Caden too. We are so thankful that they are in a place where they can play together... it makes things much easier for the pups! They have missed out over the past year on being part of the fun... it's nice to have them back in the game! :)

Oh, Caden! So much to say and love about you! Your daddy and I are thankful for every minute we get to spend as our little family of three! Blessings, blessings!

I don't know if y'all have noticed but SPRING is here and the wildflowers are out in full force! I was determined to snap a few pics in the flowers this week but it was a little difficult trudging through the fields to get to them and then to get Caden to stay put... forget about it! :)

Here are a few of my favorites!

Sweet, sweet Caden! Love you little man!! Happy 15 Months!


KK said...

awww.......sweet Caden. Love you little one!

Cori said...

What a big boy! I know you're both enjoying this beautiful weather and the new patio! Love y'all!

Melissa said...

Happy 15 months Caden!!! He's such a big boy! We are starting to have a stubborn little one as well, I may have to pick your brain in a bit!!

Amanda said...

Can't believe he is 15 months old. Just seems like yesterday we were in Dallas at a hotel room anxiously awaiting his arrival!

CaseyWiegand said...

im laughing so hard!!!!!!!!! too stinkin cute!!!

ginarowe said...

Happy 15 months little friend!!! I love the bit about the "angels bow before him" song! Way to praise God!