Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Bluebonnet Blog...Officially

Last weekend when on a family trip to Sonic we took a round about route and stumbled upon a field of wonderfully ripe bluebonnets. They blanketed an entire field. There was a parking lot right across the road making this particular bluebonnet field much less treacherous than the others in our area. So we decided right then and there that for our Thursday Family Date Night this week we would start with a little bluebonnet photo-op. I insisted that I have Justin's help this time! And I really wanted to get some pictures of Caden's sweet-boy Easter oufit since we missed out on those last Sunday. 

We were blessed with great weather today and as it turns out we were not the only ones with the idea. We were sandwiched in between two families and a dog making the most out of the bluebonnets. 

Of course Caden wasn't all too excited about romping around in the itchy flowers in his shorts, but we did what we could including dropping cell phones and car keys in the grass to keep him in one spot. :) 

Enjoy our wild man amongst the wild flowers! 

Insert cell phone and car keys in the grass here!


KK said...

oh those are just too sweet!! He is such a pretty boy!! That is a wonderful spread of bluebonnets!

Ashley Hall said...

Oh Katie! He is too precious in that outfit in those flowers! We dont have anything like that around here. He is such a cutie pie!

Cori said...

LOVE the outfit and the beautiful flowers! Such a cute boy!

Tiffany said...

I just stumbled on your blog from Abby Lea's. These pictures are too cute! Your son is precious! I see that you live in RR. I do too! And last weekend we took pictures of our dogs in the blue bonnets. This field you found is gorgeous!