Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Date Night

It's Thursday... Family Date Night in the Cox house.

Lately, we've been doing lots of eating out for our Family Date Night celebrations. A night at one of our favorite spots is something we look forward to all week. Last week though we were talking and we thought it might be nice of us to do something more Caden-like, since it is FAMILY date night, not Mommy and Daddy date night.

SO we got all pumped up about taking Caden to a new Jump 'n Climb, an indoor inflatable playscape, that just opened near us. We just knew he would LOVE it. In fact, Justin came home a little early from work to be sure that Caden would have enough time to play since they close at 7! I figured we'd have to drag Caden out of there, kicking and screaming because he was having so much fun!

We talked about it all week with Caden. He seemed excited and we were ready! We had on our socks and our comfy clothes... we were ready to play.

BUT the result was a little different than we expected...

Our park lovin', outdoor enthusiast, fearless little Chade did not like Jump 'n Climb one bit! 


He cried and puckered his lips the entire time!

Justin and I tried our best to be excited and show him ALL that the Jump 'n Climb had to offer but he wasn't buying it...And all we could do is laugh at what a BUST our GREAT idea was! Ha!

Our $5.41 was good for about 8 minutes of playtime... 

Poor Caden, he and the Jump 'n Climb were not quite soul mates... more like hate mates!

Sweet Caden... 

He was SO excited to leave that he started smiling and clapping his hands as we walked out the door! HA! I guess it was THAT bad! 

Ah, win some, you lose some!

Apparently, you are more like your Mommy and Daddy who enjoy all things food on their date nights! We did try to redeem ourselves though and took Caden to Mickey D's for some ice cream! He was happy!

Next week, Caden... you can pick the place! Mommy and Daddy will stop with the "great" ideas!


KK said...

Love those puckered lips!! At least he got ice cream!

CaseyWiegand said...

okay I am laughing so hard! I shoudnt be, poor baby! That sweet sad face, ahhh!!!! It is too funny!!!!!

Melissa said...

Seriously so funny! Poor Caden!! So glad you finished the night with a fun treat of ice cream to make him happy. What a fun place though, that I bet he will eventually love!

Cori said...

That sounds like such a fun idea! Sorry Caden wasn't too fond of it...his sad faces are too cute though! :)