Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let's Go Fly a Kite...

Up to the highest heights!

Let's go fly a kite and send it soaring!!

Okay so I won't sing the WHOLE song, but you may continue to hum it in your head as you read. It is certainly applicable as I recap our weekend festivities.

As anyone knows who has turned on their TV at least once this weekend, the Bears had an exciting weekend in Houston. And you know that the world's biggest Baylor fan EVER, had to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and head to Houston to cheer on the Bears! Justin has literally been waiting for a moment like this his entire life. Year after year, season after season and finally Baylor has something BIG to cheer about! We've had victories in some smaller sports but for football and men's bball this is the golden star of the last several decades! 

So the point of all that was to say that Caden and I were solo this weekend. We had a fun weekend hanging out together, not that we don't hang out together every day, but you know... we had weekend stuff to do! :) Friday we had a fun Mommy and Caden day doing things around town. We went to the library for Toddlertime and then out for a fun lunch at Freebirds and of course in between all of our stops we did a few trips to the park! We spend the majority of our days outside when the weather cooperates and sometimes even when it doesn't, but luckily for us... this weekend was BEAUTIFUL!

Saturday morning we got up and headed to San Antonio for the day. We were at KK and Albi's by 9:30, ready to play!! Bright and early is how we like it in the Cox house! Ha! KK is always up on the latest "to-dos" in San Antonio and found us THE perfect event to enjoy on Saturday morning. The Tail Fest was all about kites and dogs, hence the name Tail Fest. Things that fly in the air and sweet little doggies running around everywhere, paired with a GORGEOUS sunny day, it couldn't have gotten much better!

Well, actually it could have and it did! We didn't have a kite to fly at the festival, so Albi bought us one and then the day was perfect! We had a kite and a big open field just waiting for us to run around. I must say that once our kite took flight it seemed as though we had found our calling...kite flying is so fun!

Justin took me kite flying on our very first date! Ah! Sweet memories! It to this day is one of my very favorite dates! Dinner in the Memorial Cafeteria, Putt Putt, kite flying by the Marina, talking while dangling our feet in the water at the marina, Frosties and trip to the BU baseball field... perfect! 

But back to the kite festival...

Meet our red octopus kite...

With all of the fun dotted tails!

The twinkies... pointing up at the kites!

The PROS had these HUGE kites that were anchored to the ground that were flying through the air! So cool!

Caden loved running around pointing at all of the kites flying through the air. We were surrounded on all sides by kite flyers... and kites!

He REALLY wanted to cross the line and go over to the PRO area... but that would have been a little scary with all of those big kites flying overhead.

Fly it Caden! Fly it! 

I loved this kite... it twirled through the air like two colorful stars!

There were plenty of wildflowers for Caden to pick too! :) Even a few bluebonnets, but of course we didn't pick those!! 

After the fun with kites we headed out for a quick lunch with Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh. Luckily the BU girls game was one so we could see for ourselves that they were in fact going to beat TN. The girls are up next! Sic 'em!

Once we were nourished and re-energized we headed to Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh's neighborhood park to play. They even brought Griff so Caden could say hi to one of his very favorite pooches!

Griff and Molli are his favorites... they are MUCH calmer than our two so they are a little less intimidating for him to approach, although he is getting braver and braver with ours. He's MUCH braver than I would have ever been that is for sure. He's been knocked down, clobbered by tails, and licked more times than he'd like, but he keeps going back for more!

He was showing off for his Aunt and Uncle... they had never seen his park skills before!

Caden LOVES to hug... especially dogs! Unfortunately for Caden he isn't quite quick enough to get to hug most dogs in a more favorable location, so the backside it is! I am just sure he's going to get a wet surprise one day! I'm afraid he'll be marked like a fence post... ah well, that'll teach him to be faster! :)

Walkin' down the sidewalk!

A little fam pic action... too bad he doesn't belong to them! :) They look good with a kid in the picture though don't they?! Hehe... not that I'm pressuring, because I'm not... REALLY! 

After the park we were all shades of HOTT, so what is better than a little run through the sprinkler! I used to LOVE doing this as a kid. I was so glad when KK suggested it! Caden enjoyed it... and would have probably enjoyed it even more if he weren't wearing cold wet clothes! Still a little cool for a long sprinkler run I suppose... in time, in time!

What a fun day! To top off our day, KK made Caden and I some yummy pancakes for dinner! Breakfast for dinner is my favorite and Caden's too! We were home by 7:30 and Caden and I hit the showers and then the bed! What a fun day!

Thanks for playing with us KK and Albi! We had a blast as always!! San Antonio is a FUN, FUN, FUN place to visit!

This morning Caden and I were up early to get ready for church. Since it was Palm Sunday and the kids at our church do a little Palm Sunday parade through the hallways I figured Caden needed a fancy new outfit to wear. KK gave him the shorts and Nana the vest... all I had to find was the shirt! :) We pieced this together this week and I think he looked pretty darn cute!! We didn't have much time for a photo shoot this morning but I couldn't resist taking a few pictures!

Palm Sunday was is day to sport his hipster clothes and Easter Sunday will be the day to sport his pretty boy clothes... get excited for those pics!! :)

Caden decided not to take a nap today so we had some time to burn before the big Baylor game, so up to the park we went. AND because I was desparate to watch our boys I decided to let Caden break a few rules... it worked! :) I know I'll be paying for those tomorrow, but for today it kept him happy and I got to watch the game! 

We're sad for our Bears but proud all the same! Justin is on his way home from Houston as we speak... and he's already gearing up for next year!! We're gonna be AWESOME he says! :) 

Hope y'all had a great weekend!!

Happy Palm Sunday!!


KK said...

Lots of fun was had by all! He looked so handsome today! Looking forward to next weekend!

CaseyWiegand said...

okay can yall please move to Dallas? Okay atleast come visit! We need a day with yall!!!! xoxo

Cori said...

Such a cute boy! Glad y'all had a fun weekend! We missed you!