Saturday, March 13, 2010

To Be or Not To Be...

To be or not to adventurer?!

That was the question of the day for the Cade-man!

I never really know what to expect out of Caden. At times he is fearless and brave, ready to try new things and tackle new challenges and then at other times he is shy, timid and afraid of what lies ahead. I guess there is a bit of each of those in all of us, but it is certainly fun to watch these things come to pass in your own child.

Today, Caden and I headed down to San Antonio for the day to hang out with the KK and Albi. Of course we also got to hang out with Uncle Josh and Aunt Emily too, but unfortunately we have no photo evidence that this did in fact happen... sorry Josh and Emily... next time we must photo shoot!

Alright so we went to San Antonio for the day to play with KK and Albi. We arrived about 9:45 and Albi was chomping at the bit for us to get there... he had PLANS! Lots of plans we had to accomplish throughout the day. 

First up... toy store! This is Albi's favorite hobby... hanging out at the Toy Zone. The owners know him and of course they LOVE him... and who doesn't love a Grandpa with an "I'm a Sucker" tattoo??

Next up, treat Caden to his second hamburger and french fries! YUMMY!

THEN... the big event! San Antonio has this great little park that is over 50 years old. It is an amusement park in the most traditional sense of the word. Recently, a young couple from the area made it their life's ambition to restore the park and reopen it to the public. We have been DYING to try it out! And it just so happens that today was the perfect day to do it. The weather was gorgeous and Spring was certainly in the air.

And this is where our question of the day came to be...

To be or not to be...

An adventurer?





Caden loved the rides!!

Ride number 1: The Horse Drawn Carriage!!

Every time he'd come around we'd say YAY Caden! HEY CADEN!! Caden!!! 

And then we'd LAUGH so hard because I think we were all a bit shocked at how much fun he was having. The kid that cries being dropped off at the nursery was ALL by himself in a horse drawn carriage that made loud clanging sounds as it rounded the circle... but no matter what... he was all smiles!

He even got a bit too cool for us and decided to try and ignore our chants as he rounded the circle! Hmph... I don't think so buddy! You can't ignore an Evans!! You should know better!

These things that go in circles really seemed to perplex Caden. He was SURE that someone was after him. Funny thing though... they just never could seem to catch up!

They're still after me...

Happy boy!!
The next ride was called The Helicopter and this one the parents HAD to ride with the toddlers... EEK! I wasn't quite prepared for the speed of this ride. We were lucky to both hold down our lunches, especially Caden... haha! No tears were shed, but he definitely wasn't as smiley as we were whizzing and flying through the air!!

After the speedy Gonzalez helicopter ride we decided to take a quick break and do a little Albi/Caden photo shoot... okay so we just took one picture but it made the story better!

Then we were up for the airplanes! He kept pointing at them so we weren't going to deny a kid the fun!

Zoom, zoom...
And then the cars... the antique cars... clippity, clump, clump. He REALLY liked these!

Next up the FAMILY carousel ride!! HURRAY! I was on the horse next to Caden, going UP and DOWN! The carousel ride wasn't too thrilling for Caden, but we HAD to ride it! HAD TO!

After that we had ridden everything that Caden could safely ride so we went back to our favorites... the horse drawn carriage... AGAIN!

All that riding makes a guy tired... good thing they had these cute little benches to chill on!

Rest time over... back to the air!!

Plane ride round TWO!!

Gosh he looks so old, riding a park ride all by his lonesome!!

As you might guess when you spend the afternoon at the park there is not much time for napping, so a guy's gotta catch some zzzz's when he can...

On the way home...

Sweet, sweet BOY!!!
Once we got home (after a quick stop for a cookie at our favorite bakery) Caden had some chores to do for KK and Albi. You didn't think a trip to the park was free did you?! HA!

Albi bought Caden this broom at the toy store today... I don't know what it is with cleaning supplies, but my child loves them! Can't wait until his chores start at MY house! :)

While we were "sweeping" this AWESOME water truck came through the neighborhood... I don't know why I took a picture but I really thought it was the most interesting truck I'd ever seen. Ha!

KK's flowers needed some water too... 

After chores it was lots more play time with Josh and Emily's dog Griff who came over to play. Caden and Griff shared lots of licks, giggles and FOOD! Caden has a soft spot for the furry creatures in his world... especially ones that are calm and well-behaved, unlike our two crazy doggies! 

It was a great day TO BE AN ADVENTURER!

THANKS KK and Abli for a wonderful day in San Antonio!! 

When do we get to go back to Kiddie Land??!!!


KK said...

Fun time was had by all!! I am so glad he liked it. And the big truck is back again!! We've got to figure out what the heck is going on with that.

ginarowe said...

What fun!!! Caden looked so proud to be a big boy on those rides, cute cute cute! I just love the picture of him chillaxin' on that little red bench, should be a postcard!

Mrs. Frazier said...

he is soooooo cute!

Melissa said...

What a fun little adventurer you have! Looks like the kiddie park was a many fun things to do in San Antonio!!