Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some New Things...

I pulled out my camera a few times this week and this is what I captured... 

A few new favorites of my lil man's!

First up...

His new favorite "work" outfit given to him by his Great Grandma Betty! She, an avid blog reader was concerned about all of the "work" Caden was having to do around the house and wanted to be sure he had appropriate attire. There is nothing like a Grandma to ensure that a boy is properly dressed for any occasion! So as it turns out, Caden rather likes his work clothes! It makes him official...

Nana and Paps came to visit over the weekend to kick-start their Spring Break and he wanted to be sure they got a good look at his new threads! Doesn't he look so industrial?!

And in other NEW things NEWS...

Caden's expecting...

HAHAHA! He's nearing the 40 week mark!! 

Poor little guy... his tummy was FULL up on chicken fingers and french fries and don't forget the McDonalds ice cream that his Nana and Paps treated him to! Phew!

I will be really sad when all that baby chub goes away. THOSE CHEEKS!! SO kissable, they are!

AND what is a visit from a grandparent without a new toy... 

Nana and Paps bought Caden a new lawnmower in preparation for Spring! AND maybe it was a hint for Mommy and Daddy too... our yard is looking a little too jungle-esque! YIKES!

Caden loves his new mower... he is mowing that tile right on up! 

He drags that poor thing everywhere! Pop, pop, pop... it makes the neatest little noise when he pushes it. And for some reason, and I really for the life of me can't figure out why...he "hugs" the popper on the mower. He bends WAY down to the ground and taps his head to it (which is how he hugs). He smiles when he does it like it's the sweetest thing! I just don't get it... the popper is obviously worthy of affection for some reason or another in his mind!

And our LAST of the new things is my favorite! I do always like to save the best for last. Caden used to be quite a dancer! Then one day he STOPPED. It was so weird. We'd say "Caden, dance!" and he would just stare at us. Previously he when we'd ask him he would DROP IT LIKE IT'S HOT!! It was SO cute! I was so sad that he stopped doing it!

BUT thanks to our friends the Wiggles and to the KK who bought him the video he has started dancing again... and again... again...

BUT we've upgraded our dance style to a much classier form! Now instead of going gansta', Caden is harnessing his inner ballerina and turning the most beautiful circles! He also raises his hands like a conductor and waves them in the air. He sways his hips at the same time, never moving his feet until he is ready to turn his circle. It is the most hilarious thing I've ever seen. 

AND in order to successfully pull-off his new dance moves he MUST have his "spot" perfectly laid out on the floor. He'll go to the blanket basket, pull out his quilt and lay it in his spot. I'll of course help him get it straightened out and grab his floor pillow and down he'll plop, until the music starts and then UP he comes and the dancing begins!

Oh my it makes my heart so happy to watch him learn and grow and DANCE! :)

He is mid circle in the next picture...

Come on Daddy GET UP and DANCE!!

I have to say... Justin is a tad concerned with the ballerina-like behavior. In fact he said just last night, "Is it a good thing that he can turn a circle?"

And to that I said, "It is certainly NOT a bad thing!"

Haha! Silly Daddy!

Sweet boys watching the Wiggles! They are such buds!

And that is the NEW NEWS from the Cox House! 

We had Bible Study this morning and Caden did the BEST he's done yet! Praise the Lord! And I told you that last Sunday went well too right?! Progress!! 

It was super sad though today because when I turned the stroller around to get Caden out once I got him to the room his face was BRIGHT RED because he was trying SO hard not to cry! As soon as I undid the buckle and took him out he lost it. It was so so sad. BUT the report was good by the end, so I am still very proud of my brave little guy! We've been asking God to give Caden a spirit of courage and by goodness I believe He is!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! Tomorrow's Friday!!

Justin and I have a date night planned... a bottle of wine and an "Oscared" movie from Red Box... we're thinking Hurt Locker... thoughts? Suggestions?!


KK said...

I love his new work duds! He looks so cute. Hopefully he will love the lawn mower just as much when it's a real mower and he has to do real work!! :)

Melissa said...

The dancing is too cute!! Carter and Caden could have a fun dance party! Enjoy your date night... We want to see hurt locker too, you'll have to let me know what you think. I will write a return email soon!!