Sunday, March 21, 2010

200th Post, Oh my!

Welcome to the 200 Club! 

Since I missed my 100th post party, I figured I better celebrate number 200!! I didn't actually realize I was even close until I signed-in today to catch up on my poor attempt at blogging lately and saw 197 posts... WOAH, baby!! 

I knew in the middle of my catching up I'd hit my 200th post! I'm not really sure why people do these things, but it seems to be a blogger fad to note your 100th, 200th, and so on posts, and so of course I felt like I couldn't miss out on this bloggie fad... no way!

So happy 200th post, Sunny-Side Up! You've been good to us! We appreciate you collecting our memories and sharing our lives with the world (or the 20 or so people that read our blog!). Hehe :)

And thanks to all of our faithful family and friends who keep up with us via our pictures and musings! We love you very much!

Happy 200!!

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