Monday, March 1, 2010

14 Months!!

14 Months! Wowee!! I can believe that Caden is 14 months old but can y'all believe it is MARCH?! Crazy! March screams Spring Break, flip flops, dinners on the patio, BUT this year March is screaming RAIN, WIND, COLD and SERIOUS ALLERGIES! It just doesn't feel like Spring is around the corner does it? In time, in time... we'll be playing outside, eating outside, loving the outside!! Until then we'll just have to appreciate the goodness of the indoors, the warmth of our houses and the fun that can only be imagined when you are kept inside. 

This post wasn't supposed to be about the return of Spring though... nope! This post should and henceforth will be dedicated to my little or big or mid-sized 14 month old! Oh my!

And just today, on only the first day as a 14 month old Caden is making some serious changes to his schedule! Today was our first "official" day as a one-napper! I know, I know... I was trying to hold on to those two naps for as long as I could and truth be told I probably could have done it just a bit longer, but there were too many things that were pushing me the other way. We had a good morning today... a few minor meltdowns but we made it from 7:15am to 1:15pm without a nap! GO CADEN! AND after that he slept for 2.5 hours! Woah, toddler!! 

His one nap routine will be much better suited for church and Thursday morning Bible Study. If he is used to not napping in the morning, those mornings spent in the increasingly less-scary nursery will get even easier! Speaking of, I need to brag on my little man (I know he'll make a liar out of me this week, but I'm still going to brag). He did much better in the nursery last Thursday. His teachers were so proud! They couldn't believe it (neither could I!). Now to be clear better still includes drop-off and pick-up meltdowns, but most things in between were good, even without his passy! Ha!! I even got a taste of the nursery this week... Thursday it was my turn to volunteer in one of the nursery rooms for Bible Study and then on Sunday I had the opportunity to fill in in Caden's class for Sweet Miss Gina who was a little under the weather!

And oh yah... I have to brag again on my boy... but not Caden, my bigger boy! JUSTIN! I totally threw him under the bus on Sunday before he and Caden arrived. The nursery workers were scrambling to find someone to fill in in the baby, baby nursery! I said, "Well, my hubbie is here and he'll do it, I'm sure!" He was a little weary at first until he learned that men aren't allowed to change diapers and he was ALL IN! He got to snuggle with a sweet little chubkins and had a great time! SO I'm afraid we've been suckered into serving on Sundays in the nursery... we had TOO much fun! But seriously, I was so proud of the way he just jumped on in and served! He wasn't afraid, he knew he was a good Daddy and there was no nursery kiddo he couldn't handle! Hehe!

Shoot... I'm off topic (sort-of) again!

Back to Caden being a BIG boy!

Caden is doing all sorts of big boy things besides taking just one nap. In no certain order:
  • Walking without a limp! Well MOSTLY without a limp! He is looking great today!
  • Saying two words: uh-oh and da-da. He's been playing with these for a while now but Justin and I just could never agree that he knew what he was saying, but now we can! He still makes all sorts of noises and definitely has the 'point 'n grunt' down pat!
  • Drinking out of his sippy cup, and placing it back on the table when he is finished. I know this doesn't sound like a big deal, but for him not to chunk it on the ground or spill it all over his tray... this is progress!
  • He is REALLY interested in feeding himself with his spoon. He is getting pretty good at it. It's very messy but he really enjoys the independence.
  • He is taking on some chores around the house... it's about time, right?! He's vacuuming, which you've seen! And just tonight Daddy let him take hold of the handy-vac... too much fun!! But the biggest chore is "feeding the dogs." Never too early to teach him responsibility! And oh how nice when this permanently becomes his duty!
I had to document his new chore in photos because it really is SO cute!

Step One: Fill the bowls!

Step Two: Run to the door and wait for Daddy to get the doggies out of the dog run.

Step Three: Open the door and let Daddy put the bowls down.

Step Four: It's chow time! Give the doggies a side-dish of love!

And a few pets...
Then clinch your fists and shiver with excitement!!

Great job, Caden!

He's pretty good isn't he?! I think I'll have a helper on my hands! Next step, laundry! He IS already helping me clean on the lint drawer... and then running off with it, but that's okay! He's trying! :)

More than anything else that Caden is doing, he is LOVING on his family! He gives hugs and kisses ALL the time. And Caden gives kisses in a very unconventional way... instead of kissing YOU he leans his forehead to your lips and lets you kiss him... I'll take it either way. He is certainly never short on sugar!!

Aw Cade-man, when I think about you I just can't stop smiling! You're one very special little boy! I will love you to the moon and back forever and ever! You will always be MY little man! I love you sweet boy!! I know I missed a lot of the things you are doing but more than anything else I want to remember your sweet spirit and laughable personality. You are a tender soul but with a spirit for adventure all the same... and that is what makes you, you! And I LOVE that and YOU! :)

And you know us... every Happy NEW Month post includes a photo shoot of some sort. We kind of cheated this time... we actually did this yesterday since Daddy was home to help! We attempted to do it outdoors but the wind was CRAZY so it was a little tough. We did capture some memorable ones though...

Like this one... FACE PLANT!! The limp headed downhill with the wind at his back was a lethal combo! HAHAHAHA! I still crack up every time I look at this picture and I've looked it at least 20 times! SO funny!

Happy 14 Months Cade-man!! Mommy and Daddy love you very much!!


KK said...

Oh my gosh! I can NOT quit laughing.. That is hysterical!! Such sweet pictures and such a big boy helping out with the puppies. Can't wait to get me some sugar tomorrow!

CaseyWiegand said...


the G Rowes said...

Loving the photo shoot pictures!! He is SOOO stinkin CUTE!!!

Emily Evans said...

He looks so big in the pics with the dogs! Ah! Love that boy!

Hillary Kouba said...

So funny! He is getting so big and I love reading your are a funny writer! I also love his "Caden" shirt and am wondering where it is from? Keep up the good work!

Bryce said...

OMG. The face plant pic is SO AWESOME!!! Sweet Caden!! Happy 14 months!!!!

Melissa said...

happy 14 months caden! i am a few days behind, but great update! he is getting so big. i think my favorite pics are of him feeding the dogs...such a big boy! impressive afternoon nap when you dropped the morning one, hope he keeps that up!!