Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Way Snow Day: TAKE II

TWO blog posts in ONE day! You're welcome grandparents and great-grandparents! :)

Well, you wouldn't believe it, but the snow kept falling in Round Rock throughout the day today! I just knew it would have to stop which is why I was so insistent on getting Caden out in it early in the day, but as it turns out we'd have plenty more opportunities for a little fun in the snow.

When Caden woke up from his morning nap I had some GOOD news, in fact the BEST news and I had some not so good news to share... 

BEST NEWS: Daddy's coming home! The office is closing down at noon in fear of the roads getting bad!! Whoo hoo!!!

NOT SO GOOD NEWS: It still looks like a blizzard outside! (If you saw our post from earlier today you'll remember that the snow was falling SO hard and fast that we were more wet than anything!!)

So we ate some lunch, said hi to Daddy and ran around the house catching up on some chores!

But, sweet Caden's little leg was giving out on him and it was time for a little break! He really wanted to go outside and kept pointing to the door, but I knew he wouldn't be up for it with his leg just then so I decided to bring the snow TO him!

Since Daddy was camped out on the kitchen table we set up shop in the entry way!

I stuck Caden by the window so he could watch Mommy head out into the yard and fill a cup up with freshly fallen snow!

Then I brought it inside and dumped it on his tray and gave him a Snowman cookie cutter to see if we could "build" a snowman!

He wasn't so sure at first! He didn't really know what the cookie cutter and the snow had to do with each other and he was even more unsure why I had dumped the really cold stuff on his tray!

After a few bites for Mommy to prove that it was safe, Caden tried a little bite for himself!

But, that didn't really go so well... he decided that snow is really meant to be thrown...

I decided that maybe the snow was a little plain and a little too much like our tray so I ran and grabbed our food coloring and we made some snow art!

And now we have a HIT! The color did the trick! He was all about it!

So we built a Caden-sized snowman and left it standing just long enough for Mommy to get a picture!

And boy was I lucky to get that picture because that poor little snowman had another thing comin'!

I'm gonna eat you, Mr. Tie-Died Snowman!!

He snapped his head right off... tie-die usually represents peace, Caden! I don't know what happened!

By the time the snow art was over we were technicolor-ed and MESS-Y! BUT it was well-worth it! 

After we got all "cleaned-up" Caden headed for the door. His leg was obviously ready for some action, so I let him in on the fun! The snow had stopped falling as hard so it really was the perfect opportunity to play!

So we spent 10 minutes bundling up and headed out...

My lonely little eskimo!

Maybe having played with the snow in his highchair made him more amendable to cold, wet hands! :)

Although it wasn't but just a few minutes before he thought that this sittin' in the snow stuff was for the birds and off he went...

I thought he was headed for the door until he did a really quick 180 and bolted down the driveway!

And out into the street....

And then down the sidewalk...

And then Mommy caught up and went ahead a little ways to capture what a boy lovin' a stroll in the snow looks like...


A very happy, satisfied, MESSY and eventually tired little boy!

And to wrap up our exciting Snow Way Snow Day I'll leave you with this sweet picture of my lil man's precious two footprints! Life is good!


KK said...

What sweet smiles! So glad he had some fun in the snow. Now I wonder whether that onesie will ever be the same? :)

Amanda said...

I love this post. He looks so cute running on the sidewalk. I am so glad he is doing better. That was really scary.

the G Rowes said...

What great idea with the food coloring. Caden looks so happy in those pictures outside, so cute!

Melissa said...

You are such a creative mommy by bringing the snow inside and coloring it! So fun for Caden! I can't believe how much snow you got... We just had flurries. Glad caden's leg is starting to feel better!