Monday, February 15, 2010

To Waco We'll A Go

To Waco We'll A Go, To Waco We'll A Go!!

We had a fabulously fun weekend in Waco celebrating a few VERY special birthdays on the Cox-side of the Family. Nana and Paps once again, hosted the Cox Circus for two-nights and YES once again, I am pretty sure their house/yard will never be the same! Thanks Nana and Paps for letting our crew come and plant for a few days!

While we were celebrating birthdays (Happy Birthday Paps and Great Poppa!) we made some time from one of our favorite pastimes... Baylor Basketball! It was the Cade-man's second game now... and BOTH we won! I think he might be a good luck charm?! Good thing we'll be heading back north in a few weeks to watch our Bears take on the Longhorns again! Go Baylor Go! 

The game was great... Caden was awesome... a bundle full of energy and GREAT birth control for his aunt and uncle, but still a happy little boy who was SO excited to be at the game!

Before the game we had to fuel up... the big kids ate pizza and Caden mashed on some brown rice and chicken fed to him by his Great Poppa! When Great Poppa is in town, he and Caden always have some serious talkin' to do... this trip it was over lunch!

After we were FULL-up on fuel, we headed to the Ferrell Center for the action! Caden was being passed off between the few, the proud, the Cox marines throughout the game! He was having LOTS of fun after a quick snack break with his Aunt Cori! After snack time was over it was BACK to the ramps... up and down and out the door, and back in the door and up and down! Catch me if you can!!

Here is a line-up of the entire crew... Justin was on the other side of me so he missed out on the family pic at the game!

After the game, Paps and Caden made sure to play a little victory ballad for the rest of us. "I Dropped My Dolly In the Dirt" was their song of choice... and boy did they play it their very, very bestest! Caden loves the piano... a very fun treat when we go visit Nana and Paps!

Sunday was a VERY special day because we got to meet our newest little friend... FALLIN KATE!! She isn't so new anymore... she's already a TWO MONTH OLD! AND boy was she the cutest little thing you've EVER seen! I was in love! She looks like her Momma... tall and skinny with the prettiest eyes and cutest little nose! We had such a great time hanging out with Em and Bryce and getting to find out how parenthood was treating them! Looks like they are old pros already!!

Caden was PASSED it by this point... MOMMY, why are you holding that baby?! I'm tired and ready to nap and go back to the Rock!!

Okay, okay... let's go!

And so we did! 

We are so loving our Monday at home and had a very special trip to meet ANOTHER special friend today... and in fact our TRUE NEWEST friend. Little 4-week old Cooper Lea! I got to snuggle with him for almost 45 minutes... he fell asleep in my arms... SO sweet! And of course I got to see little long-haired, all grown up Madyson!! It is amazing how quick you forget that newborn stage... it is fun to have little ones to love on until the Cox Family of three gets ready to expand... :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Happy Monday!!


KK said...

looks like a fun time was had by all.....Caden really needs to go to the game against a&m if he is going to be the good luck charm!

emilysandvall said...

Thanks for coming over!!!!!!!!!! We can't wait for y'all to come back and play!!! :) xoxo

Cori said...

Such a fun weekend! Caden just brings so much joy! Can't wait to see y'all again soon! Love ya!