Monday, February 1, 2010

Twas the Day Baylor Beat UT

Twas the day Baylor beat UT when all through the Capital city
The Horns were feeling confident and their fans were getting pretty
Burnt orange was the color they wore and their tickets stubs they kept
Having no idea that come the next day they will have wept and wept

The Bears were all traveling from here and from there
Green and gold were the only things in their closets to wear
Some stopped off the highway to grab a pre-game lunch
But still others ate the best Mexican food in Austin, in fact a whole bunch

The Coxes were at Matt's and KK and Albi were sure to be in tow
We knew we'd need the famous BOB to energize us for the big show
Caden held court as he screamed and threw his food
All the while Justin kept saying, NO! come on dude

Today is a BIG day the Bears are going to win
But the way you're acting is making my head start to spin
Now contain your excitement until we get to the arena
Then you can let your shrieks and shrills out just like a hyena

So back to the chips and the margs we all quickly went
As Albi gave the restaurant guests a fine little present
Typically olives and limes are only used as a garnish
But for Albi, it's his reputation that he'll use them to tarnish

Alas we've digressed from the topic we so crave
There's sweet little KK giving us a Sic 'em Bear wave
She's quite color-coordinated in her green and her gold
She was even ready with a scarf for the extreme, bitter cold

And since we're taking a tour de table at the Famous Matt's El Rancho
I'll show you an unflattering picture of me and my lil man, oh no!
I've never been one to know just how to pose
But at least I don't have a booger or anything coming out of my nose

After a yummy lunch we felt like we could sustain
A tough basketball game and the Longhorns' imminent disdain
For we were very confident at our chances for a big victory
And chatted about it as we crossed the bridge made of hickory

Caden was pumped and walked most of the way
Not letting any Longhorns ruin this sunny day
We got to our seats long before the game ever began
So we got a few pictures with KK's handy IPhone cam

The trio of Coxes then Daddy and his lil man
Who do you think will be the biggest Baylor Bear fan
Stand up, sit down, clap, cheer and shout
Tweety Carter was on the floor sincerely workin' it out

At the end of regulation we were still very unsure
If a victory is what we'd take home clean and pure
We started to breath a little easier as the seconds rolled off the clock
Hip hip hurray a Baylor Bear win on the door did knock

As we were exiting the game we heard something that in us struck a chord
UT fans in disbelief! To which we said, take a look at the scoreboard!
Baylor Bears win and in another team's gym
And poor old Barnes couldn't even crack a grin

BUT Drew and his boys were sure to relish in their success
And the Bear fans out there would have expected no less
We are so proud of our team they're pretty dang good jocks
So good that we are naming our next child Laceepke Tweetmers Cox. 



KK said...

I loveit!! So glad we were there!

Cori said...

Such a cute poem! Love that the Bears were so successful for Caden's first game! Sic 'em!

Ashley Hall said...

You are unbelievable! How do you come up with this stuff! Sic Em!