Thursday, February 4, 2010

Is it a sign?!

Alright so my child has made me a liar yet AGAIN! Ha! He's really good at that lately. Like remember last week how I said that he did well in the church nursery, well this week they couldn't put him down for the ENTIRE 2.5 hours... oh bless those poor nursery workers hearts!

And in other "Mommy's a Liar" news...

Yesterday, Caden and I had a play date with two of our very favorite friends. Poor Caden was the only boy which he should be getting used to by now seeing as most of his Austin-area friends are girls! Anyway, the play date was fabulous and we had a lot of fun. All was good. 

Until... later in the afternoon I called KK for a quick chat and I let her in on some of my ugly mommy insecurities and told her how I felt super lame because the girls were using their sign language to communicate with their mommies and Caden doesn't know any signs. I was telling her how I wasn't so sure I really wanted to teach him sign language and was more concerned with just plain 'ol language right now and so I hadn't really focused on it, but maybe I should? What did she think? Am I a horrible mother? Have I screwed him up? Will he get beat up in the church nursery for not knowing sign language?! Alas!

I know, I know... y'all are all saying, count to 10 and get a life, Katie! I know!! I know... 

So back to the story. For about a week or so several months ago... okay maybe not several but 3 or so months ago I spent time everyday while Caden ate his snack trying to teach him the sign for "more." It seemed like the obvious first sign to me so I thought hmmmm every one else is doing this whole sign language thing so we'll give it a go.

After a week of it I stopped doing it, not because I consciously decided to, but I just did. So then, yesterday during snack time I decided to do the sign just once for laughs to see what he did. He didn't really react so we went on and ate our snack. No biggie... I really couldn't let my silly insecurities talk me out of my previous decision to focus on language instead of signs so we moved on.

Until today...

When we met Daddy for lunch and all the sudden Caden started bringing his fingers together and then his hands together like he was signing "more." Justin looked at me and said, "Is he signing 'more' ?" 

I confidently said, "No, I don't think so... he's just playing with his hands or something."

But Justin asked Caden, "Are you saying more?" 

And Caden did the sign again. Justin continued to give him more food each time he did that!

I still said, "Nah... we haven't worked on it but once in 3 months, I doubt he's doing it."


I am sure you are see where this is going.

During snack time today I stopped for a second to blow my nose (not sure you needed that detail, but whatever!) and he ran out of crackers on his tray and he started signing "more."


Was he saying more? So I did the sign and he did it back. And then when his tray was empty again, he did it again. And it went on like this during the entire snack.

And at dinner he did it again! SO CRAZY! I don't know why in the world he decided to start using it or if someone in the church nursery did it or if just seeing the girls do it yesterday inspired him, but it blew me away!!

Those baby brains are always on-call when there is a Mommy to be made a liar aren't they?!

I captured a little video of it just so I had proof... because that liar thing works the other way too. Just as soon as I say that he signs "more" he won't do it ever again! Ha! :) 

It's at the very beginning so don't miss it! 

A sign of things to come?!! Happy Thursday everyone!!


KK said...

Your kids will always make a liar out of you so just get used to it........I sure did!! :)

Melissa said...

Carter likes to make a liar out of me too! I have been doing "more" and "finished" signs with Carter off and on for a while now...who knows if he will pick up on it or not. From what I remember when I was learning sign, those are the only two signs to start with when introducing it to babies. By the way, you are an AMAZING mother...don't let moments like today get you down! Seriously, Caden is one lucky boy to have you raising him. Love ya!

Michelle said...

I taught Caroline a few signs and swore it was totally pointless. Like Caden, she started using them out of the blue. I was shocked because I didn't really care that much about whether or not she learned them. Now she can say what she used to sign, so I don't think it held her back at all. See you soon!

Abbey said...

It's amazing how much they pick up without you realizing. . .exact same story with Caleb.