Thursday, January 8, 2009

Workin' Hard for My Milk...

Today is Caden's one week birthday and so I felt it was time to put him to work. He had to help mom cultivate her photography skills. I have never been very skilled at the camera or in staging scenery to make the perfect photograph. I get lucky every now and then with a candid shot, but I was determined to get some superb pics of Caden at his one week photo shoot!

What little boy doesn't want to sit in his daddy's baseball glove? And what dad wouldn't say that it doesn't make him proud?! Here is KK and I's lame attempt at making these dreams come true. I have seen this done so many times, I'm not sure how they do it! Our chunk wouldn't quite fit!

These next few pictures required some serious bear crawling! Not exactly what I need to be doing right now, but it was well worth the pain, don't you think? The sign on the left was what hung on Caden's hospital room door. KK found a fellow-blogger who made these adorable signs... she took pictures of Caden's room and made a sign to match! Now it hangs on a peg from a shelf in his room. The sign to the right, "For This Child We Prayed" came from Caden's Nana and Paps. It also sits on the shelf in his room. And the bibs... oh those bibs... I just love them. I don't think I will ever let Caden wear them because they are just too cute. Our good friend Katie Moore put her creative genius to work and made these for Caden. We received them just before Christmas this year... what a great gift! Thanks Katie!
Before the bib idea... I came up with this. 
Then we moved on to a photo shoot with Squirmy the Worm. KK bought Caden this GIANT worm for his first shower present. As you know, I called Caden my little squirmy worm from the time he started to move inside my growing belly. Now that he is here it is quite clear that he is indeed a squirmer!
We sent these pics to dad while he was at work today and he was a little disappointed in Caden's entourage who did not do a good job covering up his baby zits! Picky, picky dad! 
Full length shot of Caden and Squirmy... they are quite the pair. I think this will be our 'look how much I've grown' marker. You think when he is 18 he will still let me take this picture? I'm gonna try!
Transitioning to the crib, we decided to let in a little natural sunlight and see what we could come up with. I know what you're thinking... poor kid; he is working way too hard! He was so pleasing and agreeable. He will definitely be a ham!
Sweet picture!
This is one of my favorites. Of course we took about 20 of this exact pose and got one or two that weren't blurry from those squirmy little legs. He loves his bear. We haven't come up with a name for him/her yet... maybe Dottie? Dot? Polka? Any other ideas?
Here is Caden with his puppy lovie (thanks Tina) and his bear. This pic is a little blurry, but I just had to put one up of his puppy lovie... I think it is SO cute!
Okay, so photo shoot is over! Finally! BUT... time for a little exercise and some Vitamin D. We loaded Caden up in the BOB for his very first stroll around the neighborhood. Mom had to come home and rest on a heating pad after it was over (wimp!), but it was nice to feel those warm rays of sunshine!
Here I am... in all of my glory! I decided it was about time I had at least one picture with my kiddo. The photographer needs a little love every once in awhile. 
While mom moaned and groaned on the couch, Caden had some tummy time in his pack n play. He LOVE, LOVE, LOVES his tummy! Don't worry I only do this when I am awake and checking on him every five seconds! This is the exact position he was in inside the womb. Those legs flailing every once in awhile. 
Look at my peaceful little baby! I just want to eat up his face! He's plumping up quite nicely... 

Since our naps this afternoon we've done a little more eating, some serious pooping and now we're doing some shoulder time with dad. Boomer Sooner!

We'll be back tomorrow with more. And I'm still working on getting my "birth story" up and ready to go, but I still can't quite put down the my little one long enough to make it happen! In time, in time... 

Happy Thursday!


Olson Family said...

Jack LOVED his tummy as well. As soon as his little neck was strong enough to move his head from side to side I was letting him sleep on his stomach because he was so much more comfortable...shhhh...don't tell my pediatrician... :)

Caden is such a handsome little man!!!!

Cori said...

LOVE the new pics! He is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to snuggle with him again soon! Give him some love from Aunt Cori and Uncle Tag.

Emily said...

KATIE and JUSTIN...he is SO CUTE! I LOVE HIM! Bryce and I can't wait to visit...i sent you an email about dates! Let us know if those work!

Amanda said...

He is so precious! We hope to get to Austin soon. I can't wait. Love you all!