Sunday, January 11, 2009

Weekend with My Rents and Grandrents

Good Evening Blog World! I'm Caden Ford Cox, the kid born at 12:33am on 1/1/09...pretty cool huh? My mommy and daddy are huge fans of blogging and insisted that I get a head start on perfecting my blogger skills, so here I am, writing my first post about my first weekend at home. I'm a kid, so my post includes LOTS of pictures, which will be good for those of you who are visual learners like me...what's a blog post without pictures?!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early, ready to eat. I LOVE to eat. My mom makes some seriously good milk. In fact her milk is so good that all of the nurses in the hospital were trying to talk her into donating her milk to other kids. What about me? Do I really have to share with others already... I'm only 11 days old! For the love of my hungry tummy! Mommy hasn't decided if she is going to do that yet or not, it depends on something called supply and demand, I'll keep y'all post and let you know if I am going to need a donor myself!

Gosh, I have such a hard time staying on topic when I'm hungry... back to Saturday. Saturday was a day spent with my Grandparents. KK has been at my house all week hanging out with me and my mom, but Albi, Nana and Paps hadn't seen me since I've been home so they decided to head into Round Rock for a little visit. Here are a few pictures from our time together.

Okay, you caught me...this picture of KK and I isn't actually from this weekend, but I wanted to be sure to include my KK because I love her so much! Mom was really sad when Albi had to take KK back to San Antonio. KK and my mom are best friends, kind of like my mom and I are going to be someday. It made me sad to see my mommy cry so much yesterday. I kept trying to tell her that I love the food network and would be happy to talk about politics anytime she wanted, but she was still sad to see her best friend go home. They had a great week hanging out with me... KK promised she'd come back soon, which will be great for both mommy and me, but most especially for mommy...I hate when she is sad!
While the grandparents were here we celebrated my first week birthday with a cake my mommy made from scratch. She's a little shakey on the decorating, but we're working on it. I plan to put her on a strict schedule of Paula, Giada, Rachel and Barefoot Contessa this week! 
Here's Albi... he's my #1 rockin' buddy. My mommy says this is one of his favorite things to do and you know, I'm becoming a big fan of it too. Every night I cry so my dad will take me into the big rocker in mommy and daddy's bedroom and sit with me! Sucker! So I like a little motion in my ocean... it's good for the digestion!
Paps and I had a great time yesterday... he sang songs to me and kissed me over and over again on my head. He's just like my mommy and daddy, always giving me love bites... silly Paps!
My Nana... isn't she pretty? She is calm and quiet and loves to play with my ears. She told me yesterday that she used to play with her mom's ears when she was a little girl and ever since she's had an obsession. I think I'm going to try that ear thing with mommy tonight... I wonder if I'll like them as much as my Nana?

That was my Saturday... lots of rockin', lots of lovin' and quite a bit of crying (mainly from mommy). But don't worry KK, mommy has had a much better day today! I'm taking good care of her! 

Thanks for coming to see me grandrents! I hope to see you all next weekend... 

Sunday... the day of rest! This was my first day flying solo with just my mommy and daddy... I know, I know... scary, but they did a great job! They are pretty cool rents actually. They feed me on demand and let me sleep wherever I am most comfortable and they never leave me by myself...not even for a few minutes!

After breakfast this morning, daddy asked mommy if he could help her clean her corner. My mommy is sometimes a messy girl and dad seems to embrace it most of the time, but today daddy insisted that things get picked up before the start of another work week.

While they cleaned I worked on finding my hands. I hate that stupid passy thing they keep shoving in my mouth... hello plastic! I know the difference! So instead of having to deal with the plastic "soother" I am taking matters into my own hands (literally) and am determined to find my thumb. Mommy keeps saying it won't be long... gosh I hope she's right! Pray for me... will y'all?
So close... 
Got my ear... and my cheek... but I couldn't figure out how to turn my head and keep my hands in the same place... sigh! 
Stretching it out... I was starting to cramp up... this isn't easy!
Business up front, party in the back... I found my baby mullet! Remind me to talk to mommy about this. I do not want to end up on YouTube as the kid with the crazy mullet! No thank you!

After we were done cleaning, mommy and daddy decided to snuggle up on the bed. Daddy kept saying how weird it felt to be so close to mommy. Apparently, she used to have a huge belly but has lost some weight recently... I'm so proud of her! She's my biggest loser!

After morning nap time, mommy and daddy made me take a bath... ug! Lucky for them I had a full tummy so I was pretty happy. Just to be sure they knew how much I disliked being cold I decided to give them a little squirt if you know what I mean... lesson learned!

Hello ladies...

So fresh and so clean, clean with my light blue and comb-over and something that rhymes with clean... so I'm not quite a rapper yet...but I look like one! :)
After my trip 'down the catwalk, down the catwalk yah...' I hung out with mommy and daddy on the couch. They keep trying to teach me to like chillin' on my back... um no! Question: do either one of you prefer to sleep on your back? Answer: NO! 

I know you've heard of the Baby Blues... but this is ridiculous right? Mommy says I'm gonna be a real heart breaker... aw mom!
Not my most flattering angle... but mommy swears that jelly rolls are in!

Then mommy and daddy decided I needed some "stimulation," ha! I showed them... You know that motion in my ocean I was talking about earlier? Well rocking chairs are one thing and Cradle Swings are quite another! I was forced to spit-up to teach mommy and daddy the difference between the two... we learn something new everyday! 
They just think I'm happy... pre-motion!
Let's try the bouncer rents... mommy and I need to take a nap! And we did... thanks for helping me with this photo-op dad...tough angle!
Everyone needs a little Vitamin D... all the books say so. Mommy, daddy and I went on a family walk late this afternoon and mommy did much better. She's getting stronger and stronger each day! 
They insist on taking pictures of our walks... I know, I know they aren't exciting b/c you can't even see me! Here's dad...
Now mom... 

After our walk we decided it was time to take a family pic to close out the weekend. We didn't have a photographer so we had to rely on 'daddy long arms' to get a good pic. Daddy said he didn't like the pictures because it showed all his chins, but I assured him, just like mommy assures me... jelly rolls, thunder thighs and double chins are c-o-o-l!

All this blogging has worked me up an appetite. I better get to squirming so my mommy knows it's time to start making dinner! Get ready girl...

Thanks for reading my first of what I hope to be many posts. I love hearing my mommy and daddy talk about all of the love they have received from their blogger friends...thanks for your prayers and support! Until next time... milk wishes and diaper dreams!


Shelly said...

You are hilarious! I LOVE Caden's adventures! :) What a weekend! You guys are amazing!

Melissa said...

Loved all the pictures!! Thanks for taking time to catch up today. Love you!

KK said...

I miss you guys. I love you sweet Caden. Keep Mommy smiling.

Cori said...

What a cute lil family! Love and miss you so much!!