Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Price of Gas

Gas stinks! Ha! Poor Caden had a very gassy afternoon and mom couldn't quite figure out what was wrong until it was almost 5:00pm. She was talking to Dr. KK who thought that the broccoli in mom's "comfort food" could be causing my little one to have some gas! At our 5 o'clock feeding Caden finally relaxed and the toots and burps started coming and didn't stop for a good 30 minutes! Relief... 

Dad got home not too long after that and we gave Caden a quick scrub down to prepare for our doctor's appointment tomorrow morning and now we are all in the bed watching American Idol, waiting for our Bears to come on! Sic 'em!

Even through the gas and fussiness I was able to capture a few pics to share! By the way... I also started my 'birth story' post yesterday... so it's now an official work in progress! Thanks for your patience... 

In other exciting news... my cousin Amanda found out today that she is expecting a baby BOY!!! Caden is SO excited to have a BOY cousin to hang out with. My cousins and I were so fortunate when we were growing up to have each other to hang out with and now our kiddos will have the same blessing! We can't wait to see pics of our new cousin! Congrats Amanda and Rick. Love you three!

Picture time...
I FOUND MY THUMB!! Mom had to snap quick and got her finger in the way, but she had to post anyway. It didn't last long, but he found it... way to go Caden Bear!
Mom getting creative... Caden was only happy attached to my chest today so I had lots of practice doing things with one hand... including eating lunch! 
Basking in the morning light... 
My sleeping angel!
Aren't you jealous that I get to eat up those cheeks whenever I want to?! 
From every angle!
Just came downstairs for the day... getting prepared for my busy day with a morning nap!
This was yesterday... mom was trying to prop my head up so I would turn to the other side... I don't want his head to be uneven! :) Check out his ginormous hands... he is going to be able to palm a basketball in a few months! 

I hope everyone has had a happy hump day! We'll update you tomorrow after our two week doctor's appointment. We are excited to see how much weight we've gained! 

Much love to you all and thanks for all of the great comments, texts, facebook messages and emails we continue to get from each of you! They are so fun to read to Caden!


KK said...

Can't wait to eat those cheeks up tomorrow!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the shout out! We are so excited. Rick had to go on a work trip this week so Shannon and I bought a name book. We will let everyone know when we decide. It is so hard (as you know!) coming up with a good name! Love yall and hope to see you soon.