Monday, January 19, 2009


What a weekend, what a weekend... 

Caden here, bringing you a recap of my first holiday weekend... it was nuts! 

First, a little shout out is in order for my main man Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now, I'm still learning about his impact on my world, but mom promised she would teach me all about him as I get older. Mom says that her favorite piece of literature is the full script of his 'I Have A Dream' speech. She said she is going to find it online and read it to me this week! I can't wait! She also told me that my generation is special b/c we could be the first to achieve color blindness... I hope she's right! Thanks Dr. King!

Okay, now back to my visitor PAR-TAY! In no particular order...

My main squeeze Ava came over to meet me for the first time. I wasn't exactly feeling myself and I knew all she had heard about me was that I was the kid that couldn't cry when I was born... thanks a lot mom and dad... why did you have to go and tell the ladies? I made sure she knew I had overcome all of that... I had a set of vocal cords, she could rest assured!

Here I am workin' it! Did I mention she is an older woman?!

Here's my funny mommy and Ava. Mommy has never gotten to hold Ava, so she was pretty excited! Mom kept saying she wanted to eat Ava's face off... geez Hannibal Lector... nice first impression!

Here are my friends and neighbors, (Ava's parents) Gina and Greg. It was nice to meet another tall dude like me... pound it out Greg! Ava got hungry so Gina was a little tied up... I like a girl who can eat! 

Aw... my Nana and Paps came again this weekend. I am glad they live so close, I'll be seeing them a lot! 

I love it when my Nana holds me close and plays with my ears! 

On Saturday and Sunday my second cousin Kathleen and my Great-Aunt Martha drove all the way from Abilene just to meet me. I was kind of shocked, but I was so excited to meet them face to face! My Great-Aunt Martha LOVES babies... my KK told me that she's been doing the baby thing for a long time now and couldn't wait to get her hands on me! We had so much fun!

Smiles... all smiles... I know she's my cousin and in Texas they have to be 3rd cousins before its legal, but seriously, she's one beautiful girl!

I know... I'm still being Chester Cheese-head... I just couldn't help it. 

Speaking of Chester Cheese-head... aw Martha... cheek to cheek... you're making me blush!

Love at first sight... mommy and I were talkin' last night about how much Great-Aunt Martha and KK look alike... they even hold me the same way! Sisters...sisters...

On Sunday, we didn't go to church b/c mommy and daddy aren't allowed to take me out of the house much since it's flu and RSV season, so I decided to do my best Jesus impersonation to keep the morning sacred! Afterall, Jesus loves me... this I know!

One of mommy's childhood friends came to visit us this weekend too! Raeleigh was born just one week before me, but she was quite a bit smaller... mommy kept saying how nice it was to hold such a small baby... so I like to eat... get over it mom!

Mom doesn't like this picture of herself, but I keep reminding her... it took you 9 months to get this way so it will take more than just 2.5 weeks to get back to normal! Mommy I think you are beautiful and you smell of the most delicious milk!

Dad and I decided that being cute and pleasing for all of our visitors was exhausting, so we caught a quick nap in between guests. Two peas in a pod, my daddy and me!

Awww... Aunt Em and Uncle Bryce... mommy and daddy's good friends from Waco! They spent an entire afternoon with us and brought mommy and daddy the yummiest cupcakes and the prettiest flowers. I had heard all about Uncle Bryce before he got there... supposedly he was the 'baby whisperer'...hmph! I gave him a run for his money, but dang it... that guy is good! He got me with the finger trick... skin is way better than plastic... I fall for it EVERY time!

Now mommy, daddy and I are going to watch Jason and his ladies on The Bachelor... I hope everyone has had a great holiday weekend! Thanks again to all of my visitors and friends! Much love to you all!

Mommy and I are back solo tomorrow, which means there will be plenty of adventures to tell... until tomorrow...


KK said...

Oh Caden, you are just too cute! KK can't wait to see you this week. Tell Mom to save some of your chubby cheeks for me to nibble on. Love you!

Following Him said...

Found you through the Koubas! This post was hilarious from Caden's view!
Have a great week!