Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pictures, pictures...

I hate to admit it, but poor Kaki is SORELY under-photographed compared to her brother! I guess that second-child syndrome is true! I need to get better about it. On Saturday we went out to breakfast and I missed the photo-op for her first outing... and then today we went to the Wal-Marts and I missed it again... AND she and her big bro got to use their sit and stand for the first time! Caden was PUMPED to get to use the "new stroller" FINALLY!! Next time... I'll snap a picture... HELLO iPhone... that's what it's for, right?! Or is it for keeping track of her pees, poops and feeds thanks to my handy dandy mommy apps... there is most definitely an app for ALL things baby and I LOVE it!

And I'm rambling... forgive me...

I posted these next few pics on facebook but for those of you who haven't seen them... this is the first time we dressed Kaki up at home. They were taken last Thursday morning... I just love having a girl to doll up... TOO MUCH FUN!

In other news... we have a few routines forming around here... which brings a nice level of comfort to life at home!

Daddy and Kaki time... each night! Justin and Caden watched Wheel of Fortune every night, but Kaki and Justin are doing a little more late night action. She is most awake in the mornings and late at night. During most of the day she sleeps... and sleeps... and sleeps!! I asked my mom today... is it normal for babies to sleep this much? Because with Caden this was not my experience! And she assured me this is EXACTLY how I was... like Mommy, like daughter!

Caden and Kaki are also forming their own routine too... Caden insists that Kaki sit by him each morning while he eats his breakfast and watches his morning videos. And he LOVES it when she hangs out in her nap nanny in his playroom with him. He places toys all around the sides of her nap nanny and OFTEN (like every five seconds) says, "Kaki's eyes open?! Kaki open eyes!!" He is READY for her to open her eyes and come play!! Soon enough he'll be wishing she would be sleeping and not stealing his toys though, huh?! I don't think either one of them have a clue what the other is in for! Ha! BUT I am loving the brother/sister thing they've got going on right now! Caden is as sweet as pie to her... not to me or KK all the time, BUT to Kaki he is a dream! :)

We had a few outfit changes today due to a spit up and a pee incident... I didn't know girls peed on you?! I thought that was a boy thing! The boys spray you but the girls ... oh man... it goes everywhere... all up the back and the outfit is DONE! So funny! This is one of the few non-pink outfits Kaki has... it is one Justin and I bought for her when we went on one of our shopping trips!! Don't mind the feet in the background!!

In other news... KK just saved Justin's life by rescuing him from a bizarre pop-up thunderstorm while he was running! We were sitting here blogging when all of the sudden the wind picked up and we checked the radar and sure enough a storm had developed... so KK hung up the phone with Albi and raced around the neighborhood looking for Justin! She found him... PHEW! :) And he's only sort of wet... way to go KK!

KK also has other super hero qualities, but that might deserve a post of its own... so stay tuned for that...

Hope everyone is having a great week... Happy Hump Day!!

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Cori said...

What a doll! I hope y'all are getting some sleep as well! :)