Monday, July 25, 2011

4 Weeks and Day TWO!

This time I have pictures... albeit they are not REAL pictures and simply iPhone pics... but what else is a Mommy of two to do?! I know, I know... there are plenty of mommies out there who manage to get the BEST pictures of their 2+ kids, but I am just not one of them quite yet... especially since the scene around our house has been this...

BIG BOY UNDIES... Potty-Training in 3 Days... Day #1: Our 7th Wedding Anniversary! Trust me when I say that we did not plan it this way... we are FAR more romantic... or maybe we aren't at all but we would never plan to celebrate our wedded bliss with pee pee accidents ALL day! :) But nonetheless after our trip to Target to STOCK up on all of our potty training necessities for me to start today, Caden was READY... and who are we to deny a big boy of his potty rights... so we started!

It ended up being a HUGE blessing to have Justin home to help the first day... he speaks boy WAY better than I do and was able to give him some tips on controlling his anatomy that I wouldn't have quite picked up on!

Day #1... Overall it was a success! It started off VERY rough, but we ended with a several great successes and a FULLY-stickered potty chart!! Yay Caden!

Day#2... Overall VERY successful... only one major accident and a few controlling the anatomy while on the potty accidents. YAY!

Day #3... only time will tell!!

BUT can you get enough of this big boy in his undies??!! What a BOD, he has no?! :) Too bad you can't see the front side... :) Not sure it is blog appropriate!

And poor little one has had to DEAL with this potty training non-sense ALL day... being put down in the middle of a feeding so Mommy can rush to the bathroom... and on her 4 week Birthday! The nerve... the nerve!

But honestly... I can barely get the child to wake up for a picture... so I really don't think she was all too bothered by the potty training trials and tribulations...

I caught some SERIOUS flack for not putting more sweet faced pics of Kaki-pants in my last blog... so here you go (KK)... even though you have already seen ALL of these since I text you most of my iPhone-photo-ops! But nonetheless I know she really only wants EVERY ONE else to see her cuteness! :) Braggin' rights and all that jazz! And I get that...

So here she is... in her favorite position... she sleeps exactly like this at night... so CUTE!!

Sweet girl in her footie pjs... she finally will straighten those legs out enough to make it work!!

SLEEPY, SLEEPY girl... with the cutest little pouty lips you have ever seen!

Trying to capture one of her sleepy smiles... my fav!!

Before our outting on Sunday... she proceeded to have a BLOWOUT at Target that took 15 minutes in the family bathroom to get cleaned up. Caden and Justin were waiting for us and were wondering what the heck all that screaming was about... then when she came out sans-bow and in a new outfit they only had to take one guess... it was AWFUL! Caden was my spitter-upper and Kaki is going to be my POOPER... straight up the back!! It is impressive!! I am going to have to carry 8 outfits every where we go... and for Caden too now that we're potty training! I might need to invest in a rolling suitcase rather than a diaper bag! :)

I will have more on my girl on Wednesday on her ONE MONTH birthday... is that even possible?!! Love my sweet-faced girl and my BIG boy Caden!! Can't believe I only have one in diapers now!!

Happy 4 Weeks Kaki-pants!!

Well done on Day #2 Cade-man!!


KK said...

Can't wait to see those two sweet kiddos!! So glad to see pics on the blog rather than i phone cause they are bigger and my old eyes appreciate that! Way to go Caden.. You are such a big boy and KK and Albi are so proud of you.

Cori said...

What a busy few days you've had! Way to go Caden! Sounds pretty exciting around your house! Can't believe sweet girl is already 4 weeks! Love y'all!

Emily and Josh said...

Way to go Caden! And Kaki! And Katie and Justin! Ya'll make a pretty fantastic team :)

Melissa said...

such sweet pics of kaki! cannot wait to meet her...hopefully not too long before then! way to go caden! he'll have to share his wisdom with carter!