Monday, July 4, 2011

Due Date=One Week Bday=Happy 4th of July!!

Today was the day that Kaki was supposed to make her grand arrival... BUT instead we celebrated her one week birthday today and we are all so grateful that she is here!!

Caden and Justin started off their morning with a fun family parade in the neighborhood... it didn't turn out exactly like they had planned seeing as they were the ONLY people not participating in the parade which made them the ONLY spectators... HA! But Caden didn't care... he had his flag and he was just fine being the solo-watcher! :)

Of course, I had GREAT BIG plans to get my two fourth of July babies photographed TOGETHER today, BUT Caden HAD to get to. that. parade. So no pictures of the two... but still got a few of Miss Kaki-Pants... our little American Beauty!

Thanks Aunt Ree Ree for my 4th of July outfit!! :)

This afternoon Caden and Justin were doing some pool time in the backyard so KK and I decided we MUST dress up Kaki in her bathing suit, courtesy of Aunt Emily (can you tell that the aunts are excited about a girl??!!) and take her outside for just a bit!!

Caden LOVES talking to his little sister...

Sweet, sweet girl... seriously she couldn't be sweeter... my heart hurts!!

Crazy boys...

Bro and sis...
Before dinner tonight Caden needed to check on his lil sis... give her a few kisses and tell her he would be "right back."

And I just want y'all to look at our YUMMY fourth of July spread... be jealous!! :)

Happy Fourth of July!!


CaseyWiegand said...

so happy for yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lindsay said...

She's precious!!!!!