Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just Words: Me, the Boot and the Kids...

My computer is BACK! Didn't realize it was gone did you? Thank goodness for iPhones or else I would have felt WAY out of touch over the past week. I had JUST purchased a fancy new charger for my computer about two months ago... and wouldn't it figure that one night early this week when I was trying to set the computer back on the coffee table with one hand, the other one holding Kaki that I slipped and DOWN, DOWN, DOWN went my computer... LUCKILY for the computer it landed spot on the charger... and just broke the charger and NOT the computer! Phew! So today, Justin and Caden were kind enough to pick us up a new one at the Apple Store after several unsuccessful attempts at finding one online that would be here before August! All of that nonsense to say... we're baaaaa-aaack!

This was our FIRST FULL week at home as a trio... or a quad-rio... or would that be foursome? My mind is a fog... don't judge me! And I don't mean Justin as the last of number in our quad-rio... I mean the boot... after all it IS bigger than Kaki and she gets a number... so the quad-rio and I had a pretty great week! We were working hard on establishing a routine... and if you know me you know I LOVE NOTHING MORE than a routine... I like structure in my day and in fact I thrive on it. So our days looked something like this:

  • Get up, feed Kaki in bed
  • Go get Caden out of bed... where Caden and Kaki spend some quality moments together when I put Kaki in Caden's bed and they say their good mornings to each other.
  • Come down, fix breakfast for Caden, fix COFFEE and breakfast for myself
  • Kaki plays on her play mat
  • Caden eats and watches TV
  • I eat and check in with KK
  • Then she wakes up for her next course
  • Then she plays a bit longer with Caden and I in his playroom
  • And then it's Kaki's nap time and time for Caden and I to be productive... thank you notes, birth announcements, laundry, snack, juice refill, diaper change, etc.
  • A few days this week we even ventured out of the house during morning nap time to go to the "mail office" as Caden calls it, CVS, Sonic and the like. I did manage to get out of the car for an errand or two this week. Kaki was in the Bjorn and Caden held my hand and the boot... well it drug it's black little behind right alongside us.
  • Lunchtime is quick
  • Then it is time for Kaki to eat
  • Caden to nap and Kaki to play while I am putting Caden down
  • Then Kaki to take her afternoon nap
  • I relax... usually cuddle with my girl on the couch because let's be real... I can't stand not to even though she would be perfectly content chilling in her swing!
  • She usually eats just before Caden wakes up from his nap
  • Then it's snack time, tv time and play time together until it's time for to get ready for dinner
  • Kaki is usually taking another nap about that time and about the time Justin gets home and we are ready to sit down to dinner she is ready to eat... :)
  • She eats, the boys eat, I join them and I eat.
  • Playtime for Caden in the backyard with the doggies and his nightly chores
  • Bath for Caden with Justin, bath for Kaki with me
  • Bed time for Caden
  • Hang out time with Daddy for Kaki
  • Pre-bedtime nap for Kaki
  • Upstairs, feed Kaki... get her down for the night...

And that is a FULL day... I am amazed at how fast our time flies! Of course you throw in all of the diaper changes... like the 11 poopy diapers Kaki had yesterday... and it is 6pm and time for Justin to come home before I know it! Crazy!

I am still getting to know Kaki and her habits... especially at night. It is typically hardest to get her down at night for the first stretch... she has been sleeping 4-5 hours after I get her down, but a few nights it has taken over 2 hours to get her settled after eating. We've had some gas issues and have welcomed our favorite friend Mylicon back to the routine... Caden lived on that stuff for WEEKS! I think it is helping... and I am learning (the hard way) that Kaki is one who MUST be burped... Caden would never burp... but boy will Kaki ever burp... like a grown man!

Kaki is still super laid back for the most part. She rarely belts out a cry... which is how I knew she had gas earlier this week... she was MAD! And she gets mad after a bath... doesn't like the fresh air... :) She loves her brother and of course she loves me... but only because I feed her... I really think she is ALREADY becoming a Daddy's girl because she LOVES it when Justin comes home and gives her a kiss. She doesn't exactly smile at him, but she gives him the closest thing she's got to a smile... and she reserves those for him! And I am trying my hardest not to be bitter about it! :)

Kaki loves to be sung to... or at least I am telling myself that she likes it after finding the Summer Hits of the 90s Pandora station after a GREAT blog post by my sweet friend and expectant mommy, Melanie... it's my childhood expressed musically and it is FABULOUS! And Kaki is now reminiscent for the 90s like I was for the 80s... I always wanted to be a teenager of the 80s... We have had WAY too much fun! And the boys of the house... well they haven't quite appreciated our musical stylings, but this kind of thing cannot be silenced!

Kaki was three weeks on Monday and will be four weeks in just another day... so I kind of let that one slide right by... I am hoping to take some pictures of the kids tomorrow for her 4 week birthday while I have Justin here to help out! Speaking of... Justin and I are celebrating our 7 year wedding anniversary tomorrow... 7 years!! WOW! More on that later though...

I think I've bored us all to tears enough for one day... I am pretty sure I'll read back over this entry someday and think..."oh man, was I ever still in the newborn fog... bless my heart!" But for now I feel good that I even got ANYTHING down... and that I have a working computer... two victories... Amen! Amen!

Happy Saturday y'all!!

PS: Still would appreciate the prayers for my cousin and her sweet baby boy! Tomorrow will be 27 weeks... and a HUGE victory! She has very low amniotic fluid and is being monitored closely to ensure both she and baby are doing GREAT... and so far so good! Every extra hour, day, week is a victory! Please continue to pray for the Leach Family! Thank you!!

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