Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Back from the Beach...

What? You didn't know we went to the beach? Well, we did... are we crazy?! With a toddler and a two week old we packed up the car and headed down south for family vacation with the Cox Clan. I am super-Mommy, am I not? Ha! Just so none of us are under any illusions... I did cry nearly the ENTIRE morning we left... as I was trying to pack, take care of two kids (only the second day I had been ALL by myself)... and it was a bit overwhelming... BUT I just kept thinking about this sweet little face... and the joy he would experience while we were there and I willed myself to get there!

Caden needed this trip... and both Justin and I knew this... and again it was our motivating factor in getting our stuff together and getting down there. Kaki was a dream in the car... she slept most of the way. Kaki and I spent our days in the house and our nights in the house with the rest of the family. It was fun getting to see Caden in his element... being loved on by his grandparents and his aunt and uncle. It also gave Justin and Caden some time to hang at the beach together! I was SUPER SAD to miss him in action, but thankful that he got a change of scenery after being cooped up in the house with me over the past several months! He has been a REAL trooper and deserved a little fun in the sun!

I am not being SUPER blogger right now BUT I did pull a few pics off from Aunt Cori's MANY pics she took over the week! Thank you Aunt Ree Ree for being the photog AGAIN... we are beginning to count on it... I might as well sell my camera! :) Ha!

Uncle Trent got to meet Kaki for the first time at the beach... I think he is smitten! :)

My boy... snack time at the beach! There is something about having a newborn at home that all of the sudden ages your toddler like 10 years... he seems HUGE to me now... it had been the weirdest phenomenon!

The boys... minus Bop of course!
Caden LOVED the beach... Justin bought him that fancy green boat and hat before their first day at the beach! Of course I forgot HALF of the things on my to pack list! And the hat was included on that list... In fact, when we left I refused to even look at my list because I knew how MANY things I had forgotten and I just couldn't deal with that... :) Ha!

Caden swimming... he does this every where... he is always up for a good swim... on the carpet, on the tile, in the wet sand... :)

Fishing with Bop... TOO much fun!

Drawing in the sand with Uncle Tag!! Caden loves him some Uncle Tag...

Popsicles... a beach tradition!

We did go out to eat one night... Bop and Uncle Tag had gone fishing one morning and caught our dinner... and it was YUMMY! The place took what the caught and cooked it for us... and bonus... there was lots left over for us to take home! We were hoping to snap family pics before dinner... but the pic below is about as far as we got... thanks to a very NOT cooperative toddler... who shall remain nameless!

But aren't they kind of cute??!! Kaki had a BLOW out on her planned outfit and on Justin's TOO! So we had a last minute costume change... but I think they still turned out pretty matchy! :)

See what I mean... Caden is a GIANT now... is he not?

Caden with Nana and Bop... our fabulous hosts for the weekend!!

It was a fast and a little bit furious trip BUT well-deserved for my little (BIG) man! I am so glad we were able to muster up the strength to make it happen because he will talk about it for MONTHS to come!

We are excited to be back at home and getting back into our routine... it has been a fun two days figuring this mom of two thing out... I am LOVING it! I am so thankful for my two little loves! I am overwhelmed by this great blessing!! Thank you Jesus!

And thank you Jesus for family who loves and supports us and takes us on vacation!! :) We love y'all!!


KK said...

So Caden looks like Kyle in the snack picture. Too funny!

Cori said...

So glad we got to play with y'all at the beach! It was so much fun!

Melissa said...

Looks like a fun trip... And yes you ate VERY impressive for taking a 2 week old!!