Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Party, Rocker-Style

Today was Caden's Valentine's Day Party at school... can you believe we are already celebrating Valentine's Day... wasn't it just Christmas?! Phew... time flies when you're having fun! Holidays are so much more fun when you have friends at school to celebrate with. Caden was EXCITED about his party... we've been talking about it all week as we decorated his Valentines for his friends, picked out special gifts for his teachers and of course planned the PERFECT outfit!

Well, I don't know about you other boy moms out there, but it can been hard to find cute Valentine's Day stuff for the lil' men in your life. And if you are like me or your kids are like Caden you wouldn't DARE send him to school in anything more than Wal-Mart's finest... he comes home dirty!! So I decided that I would take a stab at making him the perfect shirt (that would likely only last ONE wear) for his Valentine's Day party at school. Now, I don't think I'll be opening up an etsy shop anytime soon, BUT I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out!

Of course by the time I got to the party this morning, half of his guitar had been pulled off, which NO DOUBT was because he was trying to SHOW OFF his new shirt to all his classmates, strumming those fake guitar strings all the way! Bless his heart, you'd think the kid never got anything new with how EXCITED he gets about new clothes... especially if they involve one of his favorite things!

Before school this morning I KNEW I had to get some photos because, like I said, I figured this shirt might be a one and doner... so I got my buns out of bed earlier to get a head start on the day and we managed to have time to snap a few pics! He was READY to head to school so he wasn't so into the pics... BUT we did our best! :)

Can you tell he's saying CHEESE here?!! Funny little man!!

Happy boy...
He's saying HEL-LOOOOOO here... ha!
Sweet face...
I know, I know it was negative 20 degrees outside... what was I thinking?! But I had to try... I like outdoor pics SO much better! I think he's frozen...

I'm outta here mom... the neighbors are starting to stare! :) Or call CPS on the Mom making her un-coated kid stand outside and take pictures! Ha!

To the rocking chair... Sesame Street was still on the TV... oops!

Ohhhhhhh, he says!
A little black and white action for that sweet stare...

Cheesin' it up with mom's holiday wreath... kinda cute! :)

Now for the PAR-TAY...

The twins... Garrett and Wyatt and their SWEET mommy, Abbi!

PROM pic with his girlfriend Kennedy! He LOVES her... and in fact when we ask him if he wants Baby Cox to be a sister or a brother he ALWAYS says Kennedy... OR a sister like Kennedy! :) So funny... Caden looks HUGE compared to her sweet tiny self! Hilarious!!

Eatin' some Chick-fil-a... YUMMM!

The twins again... they were going to make sure that Mommy was STAYING!! How cute are they in their overalls?!! I love overalls so VERY much!! :)

Caden CHOWING down... with his friend Teagan!

Running around after lunch and heart-shaped finger jello... SO FUN! Hey look mom, Bob the Builder!! :)
Caden wanted me to get a picture of their Valentine's Day wall... SO cute! Look at all of those sweet faces!! :)

Checkin' the mail! One of the favorite toys in all of the class... might need to invest in one of these for home!
Where's Garrett?!! Cute hats they made for today... of course my child won't wear his! He must already be self-conscious about that big head of is... no extra attention needs to be drawn to it! :)

What a FUN FUN FUN party day at school! AND the best part is we get to celebrate again next week with a Valentine's Day fun day with Mommy and a family date with Daddy... can't wait!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all... from my lil' Rocker to yours! :)


KK said...

you got some really cute pics! the shirt looked really cute even if it is a one and done!

the G Rowes said...

OH MY, LOVE Caden's V-Day pictures, cutest little boy!! So I just caught up on all your blog posts, THANKS for the sweet words from your Jan post. Blessed to have such a sweet friend in you!

Cori said...

He is the cutest lil' Valentine ever!! So glad he had such a fun party at school! Very impressed with his shirt!