Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Risky Business...

It's Risky Business being a 25-Month old...

Risky business, I tell ya!
So today is February 1st, Caden's 25th Month Birthday. I wonder, when it is that we moms stop counting our kid's age by the month and just stick with a solid number like, TWO! I'd say it is probably safe to stop when they reach 216-Months old... that's 18 years old for you non-math majors! And don't worry because I had to grab for the iPhone calculator just to figure that one out myself... Yep, I think I'll go month by month for a bit longer... I can't stand not to. He is still changing SO much every day... much less each month! And this month... it was a LONG one. A lot can happen in 31 days!

Caden is a CHATTERBOX... I have NO idea where he gets this! No idea! :) He is starting to use phrases and LOVES when he can combine ideas to form a new thought! It is hilarious to listen to the process of it too. For example: In order to say KK and Albi or Nana and Bop we go through something like this, "KK, Aldi, K-Aldi, Aldi-K, KK and Albi." It takes a while to get those wheels turnin' and burnin' in the right direction!

He has several new phrases that he likes to say:
"No I not!"
"I did it!"
"I got it!"

And just last night, Justin taught Caden how to add the word "dude" to the end of any of these statements for a fresh thought! "I got it, dude," is what Caden said after his Daddy had his nightly, "remember ONLY poop for when Daddy's at work talk!" This seemed even more crucial than normal to remind Caden after we had our first "Caden playing in his poop!" experience the other night. It was not pretty and Justin was pretty much ready to pack a bag and head for the hills. Of course it was nothing that a few Lysol wipes and a bath couldn't fix! Oh brother!

Caden has found his flare for the dramatic arts this month as well. He can throw him self on the ground with the best of them. Or against any piece of furniture! Oh what a drama king! He hasn't quite mastered the fake cry... but he's working on it! In time, in time. I knew my time for tantrums was coming but of course a part of me thought, NAH, not my kid, he won't do that... HA! HA! And double HA! They typically happen right before Justin gets home and I'm cooking dinner OR before washing his hands... why good hygiene is so bad, I will never know, but when the kid is ready to eat he is ready to eat and hand washing is unthinkable! Oddly enough he hasn't figured out that the flailing on the floor, fake crying and NO shouting is also prolonging his trip to the dinner table...

I have had to fight spitting off and on for a while now, and I blame this entirely on JUSTIN who cannot seem to hit fresh air without a quick spit... it is one of my BIGGEST annoyances and NOW it is even worse because when he spits, Caden spits. I have had to sit Justin down on a few occasions and remind him of the ol' 'monkey see, monkey do' rule and he's gotten better, but last night when they were out in the back feeding the dogs, Justin leaned over the edge of the patio to spit... because I told you he can't seem to contain himself if he sees grass... SO what does Caden do? Leans over the edge and spits! AND Justin laughs... knocks on the window and shows me what he's done... like he's proud?! AND then he sees the look on my face and retracts his male ego and apologizes for his spit-shortcomings and reminds Caden that spitting is not okay... RIGHT! You just did it Dad, it must be fine! So then they talked about how it is only okay outside... which obviously worked great since Caden came straight into the house and spit on the ground... parenting FAIL!

Caden is starting to SING more which I love!! His best song is the "Clean Up" song... he sings it ALL THE TIME! Although it seems that the singing is much more fun than the actual cleaning up... but I'll take what I can get for now! :) He also is obsessed with this one song from school, I will have to find a link to the song so y'all can hear it... it is MY FAVORITE! We sing it all the time! The part he sings goes like this, "O, O, O me!" But it is really a series of "Os" and then "O He love me." He'll get there!

I have a jumper on my hands... he can now jump with two feet off the ground and apparently it is the BIGGEST rush he's ever experienced because he JUMPS all the time. He loves to jump off of the curb at the park, off of of the bottom stair, off of his Caden-sized chair, etc. I realize that jumping off of bigger furniture is not something that we want to teach him, so we're being careful with our safe jumping spots... don't worry! :)

Overall, Caden is a really happy boy. It makes my heart smile to hear his teachers at school talk about HOW HAPPY he is all day at school. He has an infectious little personality that brings joy to all that he is around. I hope his good-natured, joyous spirit is something he'll carry with him always and I kind of hope he keeps a little of the drama too... at least he'll be able to express his emotions, right?! :) He's got a LOT of his Momma in him that is for sure!! :)

I love you sweet Cade-man!! This next month we'll find out if you are going to have a lil bro or a lil sis... either way I am confident that you are going to LOVE LOVE LOVE on them like any good big brother should! You are already so sweet to Baby Cox! Happy 25-Months Sweet Boy!

(PS: The pictures were taken with my iPhone as we were coming down the stairs this morning. He peed through his pj pants and we were going to be getting dressed for school in a matter of minutes so I let him be... THOSE LEGS! Those legs!! I cannot get enough!! Don't you love 'em?!!)

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KK said...

Oh how I love that sweet little face....not to mention those legs!! Ugh on the spitting!!! So NOT ok.