Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Most Glorious Afternoon/Evening

Today, we experienced a MOST GLORIOUS afternoon and evening! Wasn't it lovely?! I sure hope that you (wherever you may have been) got to enjoy a sweet taste of this early Spring weather too! Although, if I had had to judge a book by its cover, I would have thought today would have been STICKY, WET and GLOOMY... BUT alas, in Texas the sun can't seem to stay away for too long and for that we are thankful.

We had a no big deal weekend around these parts, which was great! No plans, no to-do lists... just a bunch of family time! AND one BIG, FAT, BRAND SPANKIN' NEW (to us) SURPRISE!!!

A Kangaroo Climber... thanks again to our friend Craig and his mighty list for helping us find this gem for our backyard! Caden was THRILLED when we went to pick it up and even more excited when he got to scale the walls of his new playground! I have a feeling that his preggo mommy is going to REALLY love this extra little addition in the afternoons! Me on the porch with a glass of club soda... Happy Hour mom style! :)

Caden even got to invite his friend Aarin over (from across the fence... literally Justin and his Mommy passed him over) to play on his new toy for a while this afternoon! It was DUDE time in the backyard for sure...

After dinner tonight we went BACK out to enjoy the beautiful weather and ended up with some hilarious video footage! I know that NO ONE else will appreciate these like our sweet family members, especially those g-rents out there! So, enjoy KK, Albi, Nana, Bop, Grandma and Gram! We hope you get as MUCH laughter our of these as we did (and still are!!).

And just for the record, NO, I am not trying out for American Idol nor do I have any false sense of confidence in my voice that would EVER lead me to do such a thing... no worries, friends! Caden, on the other hand... :)

Happy weekend y'all!!


KK said...

How sweet! He has the same twang his mommy had when she was that age! And he definitely got a haircut. You got your money's worth. So glad you had such a nice day.

Cori said...

Haha I was cracking up watching the videos! His singing is so cute! Looks like y'all had a great family day!

CaseyWiegand said...

can u come to dallas? k thnks!

Melissa said...

wish we could play with our boys on a regular basis! caden was cracking me up in the videos...too cute!