Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Pink Party for Kaki!!

Yesterday was a GREAT day! After a successful sonogram, where the tech was 100% sure that she was seeing girl, we celebrated with PINK ALL day long! As we were leaving our morning appointment I knew I had already entered into an entirely different world! A girl... so many new things were on the horizon...and they were mostly in the FASHION department! And I couldn't wait!! :)

After our morning appointment, we came home, updated ALL of the social media programs that we currently participate in and celebrated the pinkalicious news with Caden and Kk! Not soon after I pushed publish on our blog post we headed out the door for a quick bite to eat and for OUR first shopping trip to buy something PINK... well GIRLIE pink... because I have bought boy pink before! :) I must say that it is a little bit overwhelming. There is SO much... ruffles, bows, animal print, bloomers, pink, purple, dots, flowers, hearts... OH MY! How in the world do you decide? But nonetheless I did decide and picked out the most precious pink outfit complete with ruffles and KK picked a similar outfit to purchase too! And of course what is a shopping trip for Kaki without a little something special Caden! We found the cutest BIG Brother book at the boutique and figured it was the perfect gift for our pink celebration day! :) (Pictures of the outfits are at the bottom of this post... scroll down)

After lunch we raced back home only to leave again for my official doctor's appointment. Thankfully, Justin had the day off yesterday for the holiday and was able to come to both appointments with me without having to worry about work! And KK was still on call! :) When we got to the doctor's office one of the first things they do is listen to the heartbeat... and OH MY GOODNESS did Kaki ever put on a show for us! She is an escape artist... they have always had trouble getting her to stay in place long enough to register a good heartbeat reading. And yesterday was no different. We heard her almost immediately... it was a slow and steady heartbeat and then it disappeared... so the nurse moved the wand and we found her again... still slow and steady and then nothing... moved the wand... found her... a little faster... gone... moved the wand... around and around... found her... a little faster this time... then she was gone AGAIN... finally the nurse trapped her in the right corner of my uterus... I could feel her all curled up and WE GOT HER... and her heart rate was PUMPIN'... she was TICKED OFF! WE all three started laughing at her... her heart rate kept climbing and climbing and ended up at 167 and she started in the 140s... what a little turkey!! It was cracking us up!! By hearing her heart beat I felt like I could see her red little face and her puffed out lips and her exasperated eyes... TOO CUTE! She's gonna be a feisty one, that Kaki!

After the heart beat hilarity, we talked with the doctor and got the A-OK on the sonogram results... everything looked normal and GOOD! Praise God! After the multiple things wrong with Caden and I during his 20-week sonogram, we were OVERJOYED to get that bit of news. Kaki is measuring smaller than her brother, which is was a bit surprising and coming in right smack dab in the middle of the pack in the 50th percentile! She is exactly 1 pound and doing great! We are so very, very thankful... the fact that this could have gone very differently is certainly not lost on us. For every day we are normal/boring we are THANKFUL!

After our doctor's appointment we headed home to relax before our BIG PINK PARTY DINNER CELEBRATION!! We all got dressed up in our pink and headed to The Domain for a super YUMMY dinner and pink celebration!

Here I am at 21 weeks! In my pink! With my girl... :)

Caden asked for a pic with KK... doesn't he look thrilled?! I think he forgot it was HIS idea!

Before we sat down to dinner we decided to take a few pics... the weather was warm and delightful... in stark contrast to today where the clouds and cold have returned!


Put him on the animal... keep him still! :)

So KK and I were talking... I always called Caden my squirmy worm when he was in my belly... and so the worm became his thing... the thing we measured him with month to month and kind of the mini-theme for his room, first birthday, etc. So what about Kaki?! After listening to her get all feisty with us at the doctor's office and knowing that she is all about being incognito... we thought what better than a peacock?! They hide when they draw their feathers in, they are FEISTY and not afraid to show their colors and they are uniquely beautiful... what could be better than that?! So for now, we're thinking peacock might be her THING... and guess what? There just so happened to be a peacock bench at The Domain... hmmmm! :)

All three Katherines...
And her sweet pink...
And big brother's new book! :)

Pink, pink and more pink... Justin and I agree if we are going to do this girl thing, we are going to REALLY do it! Kaki is going to be 100% girl so watch out world... I think Justin might be just as excited about all of the frills as I am! That girl is going to rule his world... and I love it! :)

Thank you all for your sweet emails, texts, comments and facebook messages yesterday! We are so blessed to have such loving friends and family who celebrate BIG with us! We love y'all!!


KK said...

So happy to be there to celebrate Kaki!! Can't wait to meet that sweet little girl. Love you all.

Cori said...

What a fun celebration! Can't wait to meet sweet Kaki! Caden is looking so grown up all of a sudden!

Melissa said...

What a fun day of celebrating! Love all the pink for your little peacock!