Sunday, February 13, 2011

Tickled Pink to Celebrate BOP!

So let's pick up where we left off...

Just MINUTES after I pushed PUBLISH POST on Thursday afternoon Caden started crying... AGAIN! He had woken up crying a few times during his nap (which is VERY unlike him). Both times I went up and rocked him back to sleep, made sure he was okay and then came back downstairs to blog! Well, finally after the third time of crying after only going back to sleep for 20-30 minutes I decided nap was over and went to get him!

Something was WRONG with the boy... he was crying... and upset... and crying... and wanting me to "hold you." I tried all of my normal... "make Caden happy things" and nothing worked... still periods of crying and THEN... FINALLY he helped shed some light onto the situation when he told me his eyes had "boo-boos," praise Jesus... an answer... I LOVE communication. So, I called our primary doctor at 4:30 and asked the nurse what she thought was up. She thought something was definitely not right and tried to fit me into an after hours appointment, BUT to no avail... SO she suggested that we pack it up and ahead to Urgent Care just to be sure Caden hadn't scratched his eye or injured it in some way. She said that the doctor didn't really think it could be pink eye, because she didn't think pink eye would cause any pain... (I have since talked to several others who have had it as adults and they say it HURTS! So I think pain can definitely be a part of pink eye... lesson learned!)

So there we were... off to Urgent Care, and prepared to sit for what I was afraid would be a long few hours. By 7:15pm we were on our way home with a diagnosis of double pink eye and a prescription for some ointment! On our way home I was thinking...WHAT?! Pink eye?! From who?! How?! And double pink eye?! He just went to school today and he was FINE... OH MY... I am going to have to write all of the parents of the kids in his class... AND Justin is afraid some angry parent was going to slash my tires! I feel terrible... but it struck... SUDDENLY!

Caden's eyes NEVER turned the traditional pink, BUT the next morning he did wake up with a FAT EYE! As Justin said, "He looked like Rocky Balboa after fighting Apollo Creed!" Well said, Daddy, well said!

And another angle...
Poor, sweet boy! He looked so sad... it broke my heart! By Friday afternoon most of the swelling had gone down but the gunk had started to form... STILL no pink though! After making sure it was okay with Nana and Bop and Aunt Ree Ree we opted to still go to Waco to celebrate Bop's birthday! They are all educators... so pink eye doesn't scare them one bit! :) So off to Wacko Waco we drove... with a pink eyed sweetie in the back seat! :)

On Friday night, Caden was EXCITED to be in Waco and stayed up late to wait for Bop to get home from the basketball games! He was thrilled to be in YET another grandparent's home to BOSS some people around! And he didn't squander ONE minute of his time as boss! :)

Saturday morning it was COLD in Waco, so we laid low and hung around the house... UNTIL it was time to head to Georges (YUM) for Bop's Birthday Lunch!

Around the table...

THE BIRTHDAY BOY!!! And his girl!! :)

After lunch on Saturday we had to rush home for the Baylor girls' game. Caden got to skip his nap on Saturday so he could play extra LONG with his Nana and Bop. Aunt Ree Ree had to head back to Houston early in the afternoon to check on Uncle Tag... never know what trouble he might get into while she's away! :)

After Aunt Ree Ree left, Mommy took the opportunity to have ALL hands on deck and do a little shopping! I have been in a wardrobe crisis lately... I needed some new things for Baby Cox #2... some things that fit and some things that I could also GROW into! Baby Cox is GROWING, GROWING and so my wardrobe needed to grow just a bit too! While I was shopping Caden, Nana, Bop and Daddy went and fed the ducks at the pond...

They fed EVERY single duck at the pond. They fed them corn and bread! I didn't know ducks ate corn, BUT Caden said they LOVED it! He also got to walk, jog, run home like a big boy! This is one of Caden's new favorite things... he still rides happily in the BOB (thank goodness) but he does like to take his turn at getting a little exercise too! :)

After duck feeding it was time for the guys' game... and then time for us to hit the road and head back to the Rock! Caden was one VERY tired boy and had a meltdown shortly after we got home. It's hard being the BOSS two weekends in a row! We were all in bed early last night and enjoyed a good night's rest!

Thankfully, our pink eye didn't keep us from heading NORTH to celebrate one of our FAVORITE guy's! Caden was especially attached to Bop this weekend which I think might have been the BEST present he received! :) Happy BIRTHDAY Bop! We love you!!

And as of tonight, Caden's eyes are looking GOOD!! And so far Justin and I are nice and WHITE eyed! :)

Happy Weekend everyone!


KK said...

Hmmmmm.....not sure why my comment didn't post. So I'll repeat......most pitiful pics ever!

NieNie and Goose said...

Poor Caden! Glad he's feeling better! Yes, pink eye hurts! I had it a lot growing up and it does hurt. :(

Emily and Josh said...

so so sad! what a little trooper - glad ya'll had such a fun weekend though!

Cori said...

Loved getting to play so much this weekend, even if I was bossed around a lot! Had so much fun seeing y'all!

Melissa said...

So sad to see his swollen eye! Glad he is recovering and y'all had a fun weekend anyway!!