Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well in case you didn't get the memo or you live somewhere VERY tropical and by tropical I DO NOT mean South Texas, you'd know that it is FREEZING degrees outside and there is not much in the way of outdoor activities happening anytime soon. With that though, let me say that I am THANKFUL that I am not in the ice/snow/no driving situation that so many of y'all in the DFW/West Texas/OK areas are in... I'm thankful that I can pull out of my driveway and go somewhere... hang in there y'all... this too shall pass!

So back to the day we spent inside. I knew that I had to come up with reinforcements for today since there was NO WAY I was going to venture outside to do much of anything, SO I decided to plan a little impromptu Snowman Day. We haven't had a theme day in our house since Caden started school... YIKES! We were long overdue for some Mommy and Caden fun but of course I decided to do this late last night and so I had to GET creative with my resources and activities. Luckily, I have some really smart mommy bloggers that I follow that are SUPER great at planning theme days for their little ones and you better believe I called on them for help (or their blogs!). The Poe Fam has an entire section dedicated to theme days... if you ever need ideas hop on over and check them out. Some of my ideas for today came from her...

Let me just say that deciding to have a Snowman Day was PERFECT for today especially as the power as been rolling on and off several times today... that doesn't make movie watching very easy! Our snowman activities were just the ticket to survive this blustery winter day!

We started with some pancakes... SNOWMAN pancakes!!

I asked Caden to "dress" the snowman before we ate breakfast! He did the eyes all by himself with no prompting from me... good job Caden! It's the little things in our house! :)

And now for some buttons for his jacket!
He finished the snowman up with a nose and a smiley face BUT it didn't last long enough for me to take a picture... we were using mini m&ms... like I even had a prayer! My little munchie gobbled them right up!

After breakfast we played with our Snowman blocks. Old spice containers, filled with three cotton balls a piece and stacked on top of each other to create a CUTE little snowman! Caden loved filling the blocks with snow! :)

He did really well with this activity!
Our finished product... isn't he cute?!
After we built our snowman a couple of times we headed to the couch and played a super fun snowman game on Here is the link, if you want to play!
We played the snowman game several times before we were ready to move on... before we did anything else though, we had to find a special place for our snowman blocks... we thought he might enjoy a nice view...
Next up... turning Caden into a SNOWMAN! Okay so maybe this is more like turning him into a Mummy... but regardless, he still had a fun time and LOVED seeing the pictures of his snowman stylings!
Turns out Caden wasn't all that good of a snowman... SO we decided to build one of our very own. Since we don't have any REAL snow on the ground we gathered up LOTS of white blankets, towels and sheets and gave it a go...
After we got our snowman built we put on his eyes, nose and mouth. I let Caden take a stab at putting all of the pieces on first... with no prompting...
And we ended up with this...
After we cleaned up our snowman face a bit we found him a special Thomas the Train hat and did a little photo shoot. Caden's expression is hilarious here... he looks like he is SO OVER snowman day! Ha!
Next up... SNOWFLAKE painting! (I cut some snowflakes our of coffee filters, which I also saw on a blog recently!) When it comes to coloring and/or painting I know I NEVER have long with Caden... 5 minutes max, but we got most of our snowflakes covered in some sort of color... so I consider that a victory!
Aren't they beautiful?!! :)
After lunch I got lazy and opted out of one of our messier activities and decided to head straight for the BATH... a SNOW BATH! This was BY FAR Caden's favorite part of Snowman Day! He loved playing in the "snow" and so did all of his bath toy friends!! :) He kept saying, "Muno, SNOW!!!" (Muno is one of the characters from Yo Gabba Gabba... a Cox fam fav!)

A snow beard...
After he was NICE AND PRUNE-Y we got out and got all snuggled up for a nap and had a SNOWBALL fight!! I used the toilet paper we used earlier and the rest of the cotton balls in my half-full bag and we had a blast!!

What a HAPPY boy!! And yes... this happy boy still uses his paci... during naps and a night! :) I'm so not ready to pick that battle yet... :)

There you have it... a day in the life of a Snowman... or a day in our life on Snowman Day! :)

Hope you all are staying safe and warm and finding LOTS of fun things to do to keep yourselves and/or your little ones entertained!

Happy Snowman Day!


KK said...

What a fun morning! So I am thinking he must have peed thru his jammies this morning? The combo he was sporting was interesting! HAHAHA!!! Lucky boy to have such a fun mama!

Cori said...

I was thinking the same thing...could he not choose between Elmo and Thomas so you just combined them?! Sounds like such a fun and warm day!

CaseyWiegand said...

Mommy of the year!!!

Jaime said...

How cute you are with your activities for Caden AND your comment. I had no idea you'd even ever seen my blog. I do it for my lack of scrapbooking so if anyone reads it then bless their heart! Ha! Brittany and I were XO's together, along with some other ladies on your blog list like Nicki from Nicksterland. Love them! SMall world we all live in. I look forward to reading your blog now that I've entered back into the realm of actually blogging! :-)

Emily and Josh said...

What a fun day for you two! Give that boy lots of kisses from us!

Kristen said...

i just stumbled on your blog from a friend's blog (molly) and i loved these ideas!! what a fun day! i stole most of them to do with my girls today.

Thanks for sharing!