Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Clean. To Sew. To Worship. To Weekend!

To Clean.

I am not ashamed to admit that vacuuming might be my least favorite household chore, second to mopping of course. Anything floor related isn't really my cup of tea. Unfortunately, the floors in our house are probably the MOST important thing to clean. Caden is ALL over them and we have two shed-happy labs. The combination of Caden's drool, Caden's food spills and dog hair is quite a lethal combo, so we do the floors a lot! Up until a few weeks ago Caden didn't really appreciate the art of vacuuming, but now, OH MY! Caden loves to vacuum! I am thinking my future looks pretty bright... with two vacuum'ers on my hands!

Caden follows Justin EVERYWHERE when he vacuums. He helps keep the cord out of Justin's way and is first to offer to help push it around the house. He especially loves to watch Justin wrap the cord... remember Caden, start at the top when you start wrapping, Justin reminds him! When they're all done, Caden enjoys putting the vacuum cleaner back where it belongs!

To sew.

This summer I decided that I needed to become a true domestic diva and learn to sew. I thought it would be pretty empowering to be able to "make!" So for Christmas I asked my in-laws for a sewing machine and they SO graciously obliged. With Caden's birthday party I hadn't had much time to break out my machine until this week. I spent one nap time reading through the manual and felt COMPLETELY defeated. I wasn't sure I was going to be able to do it.

BUT, last night I decided that I'd sit at the kitchen table while Justin whooped and hollered for the Cowboys and conquer the machine! Woman vs. machine! And guess what? I WON!!! I'm not saying it was an easy fight, but I did it. And I'm also not saying that I didn't call (bug) KK at least 5 times during my journey to sewing my very first straight stitch!

After winding my bobbin, inserting my bobbin, threading the upper thread and pulling the bobbin thread back through I was READY... I found some scrap fabric in my craft bag and I told Justin to get the camera... I was about to make history!

Check it out... not bad, eh?! Haha! (And yes, I wear my Valentine's Day PJs year-round!)

I had a little hiccup before I got the straight stitch... my thread was catching on the spool and coming out of the needle, causing this spider web situation below... BUT I figured out what was happening after two attempts like this and fixed the problem!

Here is the "pretty" side of my straight stitch... 

Next stop... College T-Shirt Quilt... no wait, pillow! The College T-Shirt Quilt will be an eventual project, but I think I've got quite a few buttons to sew first!! 

To Worship.

This morning we went back to church... YAY!! I have missed it so much. Caden is officially immune (as much as the vaccines provide) from all things FLU and colds and other such things are just part of growing up (no matter how much I hate it!) SO we decided it was time for him to head BACK to the nursery. He went from Nursery A all the way to Nursery G... he hadn't been since September!

We were so excited to see that our good friend Miss Gina was Caden's nursery worker today! It sure helped to see a smiling, familiar face. Miss Gina said he did well, but definitely cried off and on and got especially upset when someone else was fussing. He apparently LOVED worship time and table time where they got to ring the bells and clap their hands. If there is clapping involved, Caden is ALL about it! I am sure the crying will get better and better?! 

After church I had so many questions to ask Caden... I felt like I had missed such a special part of his day. I can't wait until he can talk and tell me about all of his friends and the songs and things he learns about Jesus. He was jabbering away at lunch today... and I just know he was telling us the good stuff, but alas... we do not speak his language!

Caden wore some of his fancy schmancy cool dude duds to church this morning. He was the recipient of some pretty cute outfits this Christmas... we are super excited for him to get to wear them to church! We were running a little behind schedule (because we have to get there EARLY, because that is who we are!) so we didn't get too many photos!

Boy was it good to be back with our church family, this morning! We are already looking forward to next week!

To weekend!

We had a GREAT family weekend with a few other fun things that didn't get captured on film. Justin and I had a date. We went to an afternoon movie, The Blind Side... SO GOOD! Yes, I cried! I took Justin and Caden to my new favorite grocery store, Sprouts and we watched A LOT of sports, including the stomping Baylor bball gave OU last night... Caden even learned to Sic 'em Bears! We were so proud!! 

What a weekend!!

Happy weekend blog world!! 


KK said...

What a weekend and what a handsome little man! Oh and your stitches look BEAUTIFUL! Sic 'em!

Cori said...

You did great at your first attempt with the sewing machine! I bet Justin is so proud of Caden loving the vacuum! :) Sounds like y'all had such a fun weekend! Love ya!

Melissa said...

So impressed with your sewing attempt. I need to pick up something domestic like that...maybe you can be my motivation! If you can teach me that, then maybe i can teach you to love vacuuming. (I know, I'm a nerd, but I just love the result after I finish). Glad you made it back to church...they probably missed you guys!

the G Rowes said...

Woo hoo for the your sewing! I'm THRILLED that Caden in is my nursery class! He is too cute for words, melts my heart!