Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm Walking On Sunshine... Woooah!

I'm walking on sunshine, woooah!! I'm walking on sunshine, woooah! I'm walking on sunshine, woooah! And don't it feel good?! Hey!

Oh man, I love that song. Ever since I captured my little toddler (oh my!) on video (below) the other day it has been in my head. I'm constantly bee-bopping to it... I  love it! I need to download it on iTunes because I am sure the REAL version is much better than my head's version or even my oral interpretation... yes, for sure it is!

The song captured me because of my lil man, but I really do have LOTS of reasons to make that song my ballad as I start 2010. We are blessed to have...
  • A warm, comfy home
  • Plenty of food to fill our tummies
  • Our health
  • Our friends
  • Our families
  • OUR GOD!
Lots to celebrate! And one that tops the charts is most surely is the survival of my first year as a Mommy! I did it! (And that was the EASY stuff!) And I don't think Caden suffered too much! Being a mom is the greatest thing I have ever done! It is the best job! I can honestly say that it is EVEN better than I could have ever imagined it to be and I always imagined it to be GREAT. I am a very happy stay-at-home Mommy! 

BUT, let's get real for a second. I don't want y'all to miss something here... I don't want you to think I'm that person that wants everyone to think everything is always perfect and easy and wonderful and oh my... because it's not!

In case you didn't know being a mom is not all that glamorous... I know you're shocked!

There are certainly days when I feel lonely, tired, isolated, frustrated, overwhelmed. There are days when I just want to plop down on the couch and watch movies. There are days when I want to go lay out at the pool and soak up all the sun my body can handle and not worry if it's too hot for Caden. There are times when I feel down right disgusting and SMELL it too. There are times, like this Tuesday when I just call my mom and cry... not because anything in particular happened, but out of pure exhaustion, both mental and physical... they're usually Tuesdays... strange I know! It's Tuesday, and I'm tired... that's what I say... and then I cry... and then I take a long hot bath... and I go back downstairs and get back at it. 

But no matter what, raising my little man is sunshine in the brightest sense of the word! And it is not just because we bought the wrong light bulbs the other day and our house strongly resembles a tanning bed... really... it's bad! It's because he is full of it... sunshine... and sometimes the other "s-word" too... but mostly sunshine!  He lights up our lives!! Little stinker!

And speaking of stinker and lighting people up... he was putting on QUITE a show at the Doctor this morning. We had to wait and wait and wait, so I decided to let him practice his walking! In his RED coveralls with the funny hat... it was freezing outside this morning so we had to bundle up. SO there went my little red Eskimo... toddling up to anyone who would pay attention to him. He even got TWO perfect strangers to pick him up... a little weird, but they were super nice so I really didn't mind! He was waving and smiling... oh man... little ham, he is!

Oh yah... I almost forgot! His 12 month stats! Every time I call Justin after the doctor's appointment to let him know how it went he always says the same things... in this order...

"How did it go?" (Justin)
"It went well, he looks good!" (Me)
"How much did he weigh?" (Justin)
"24 lb. 2 ounces." (Me)
"How tall was he?" (Justin)
"30.5 inches." (Me)
"So what percentile is that?" (Justin)

I don't know what percentile... I didn't ask! I know it is a GUY thing... and you know what I mean by "GUY" "THING" that they MUST know how "BIG" "THINGS" are... including their children! It is hilarious to me out of ALL of the things we learn at the doctor, the growth percentiles are most important to Justin... ah, well!

So just in case you are wondering too, I looked it up on the Internet and he is in between the 50th and 75th percentile in both height and weight... according to the online tool anyway! So there you have it!

Since we believe that being good stewards of our gifts is very important we want to share a little sunshine with you... a sweet video of my lil man, walking on some toddler sunshine!! Love y'all!


KK said...

Man, he is getting fast! Love that little ray of sunshine!

Stephanie said...

this post made me miss you and want to spend the day with you and caden and dylan!
love you sweet friend!

Cori said...

His walking has gotten even better just in the last couple of days! Cute outfit! :) And the toy chest looks great there!

Melissa said...

wow, look at caden go!! we bought the wrong bulbs too...its hilarious when you look in from outside at night! miss you guys! love you.

Emily Evans said...

That boy is cruisin'! I love it!

Nicki W. said...

hi sweet katie!!! love this post! can i put you on my blogroll?