Saturday, January 2, 2010

Caden, You're One!

Oh my! A toddler... is that right? Can Caden surely be a toddler? He is one! He is 12 months old! I can't believe we made it... not that I really thought we wouldn't, it just seemed so far off... so many things to accomplish, so much learning and growing to do (for Caden and for US!). One year... my how things have changed.

I really don't have words to express everything that I'm thinking, feeling, believing... there is so much. I am FULL-up with joy when I think about our last year of life and the first year of Caden's life. I love that little boy more than I ever thought I could. I never knew I could love someone so much. It is such a distinct and special type of love. I LOVE Justin and I LOVE my family... I LOVE my friends... but I LOVE my Caden... oh boy, I do! I really, really do! 

I now understand why my mom shed so many tears when I left for college. I understand the emotions of marrying off your children. I understand the necessity of curfews and boundaries and all the things that seemed so senseless for so many years... oh, they are nothing but an outpouring of love!

What a blessing our lil man is! What a wonderful gift we have been given in him. He has taught us so much about SO much, but more than anything he has taught us about a Father's (mother's) love. We are loved by our Father, are we not?! LOVED! Even more than I love Caden He loves me...and Caden... Justin... and you! 

I could go on forever... and ever... and ever... telling you about the love that oozes out of every pore in my body for that little boy and for the One who knitted my little Caden! BUT... we have some pretty exciting things to get to. Like his 12 month worm picture and the photo reel from his first birthday party (see next post for that!).

Before we get to what Caden's been up to this last month of 2009... let's do a little photo rewind. I've got a first and a last for y'all...

First picture taken of Caden in 2009!!
And the LAST picture taken of Caden in 2009... 

Both of the pictures were taken with my handy-dandy phone, so they aren't great quality... but I wanted to be TRUE to the game... first and last in 2009!

And now... what's Caden doing now-a-days?!

  • A whole LOT of walkin'! He is a cruisin' fool! He is the TRUE definition of a toddler... a little teeter, toddler... mostly sure of his walking skills but every once in awhile we have a spill. I never thought he'd be walking before his first birthday but he is... and he greeted all his guests for his party yesterday just beautifully.
  • Caden and I had a special time this morning to commemorate our last time to nurse! I can't believe it's already over. We made it for a year... I will always, always cherish that time. Now it's on to big boy stuff like MILK! I don't know what changes from Thursday to Friday to make it okay to drink milk, but doctor knows best! Wink, wink!
  • He is not talking yet... lots of babbling, actually SCREAMING. Lots of da-da-da-da-da-da's and ahhhhhhhhhs and eeeeeeeeeeeees, and noises that don't have letters to describe them, but no words. They're coming I'm sure... slowly but surely we'll get them! :)
  • We've had some strides in our name recognition this month... we know cow, ear, clap, shoot (the ball), throw, truck, ball, etc. He's been working well with his puzzles lately too... every once in awhile he'll get the right piece in the right place!
  • Our little shy guy is starting to come out of his shell. His been charming the PANTS off (I just GOT what this phrase actually means... ick!) of waitresses lately... getting free ice cream and hugs... he's such a little flirt... OH dear! AND HUGE victory of the month... he didn't have a meltdown at his birthday party... and He DID not follow in his mommy's footsteps and cry during the "happy birthday" song. Yay, Caden! 
  • AND one of my favorite new developments... he is looking more like ME! Everyone is saying so! :) And of course it is making me a little giddy! He really looks a lot like my dad, which makes sense, since I favor his side of the family too! I am hoping to get one of my baby pictures scanned soon so I can prove it... it's pretty crazy how much alike we look!
On Tuesday, Caden will have his 12 month check-up! We're looking forward to seeing his stats and getting our latest "report card" from the doctor! 

We're also looking forward to 2010 and a new year to do new things! We're going to be headed back to church and brave the nursery... I'm going to be attending a women's Bible study and again braving the nursery... lots of fun, lots of stories, lots of new challenges... we're ready! Bring it on 2010!

Before the worm pics, I'd like to be sure and take the opportunity to thank you all for your love and support this past year. From my mommy friends who were never afraid to lend a helpful suggestion to my family members who never failed to fill a need right when there was one... you all get to take a piece of credit for this sweet little boy!

Justin and I were taking tonight about our sweet families and how amazing they have been to us and to Caden this year. We cannot wait to pay it forward to our nieces and nephews! We are going to have so many wonderful years ahead of us... we can't wait to share in their joy like they have shared in ours! We love you all!!

I do need to give a special shout out though... especially because I am not afraid to say that I still need my momma... THANK YOU MOMMA! From pregnancy (the dreaded Tuesdays) to motherhood (the what should I do nows) ... I am SO blessed to have you to lean on! Thank you for being the sane voice when I needed it, the loving encouragement when I craved it and the sound judgement when I asked for it! I love you so much! (And sorry to make you cry!)

NOW... for the worm pics...

Again... why do we bother??!! SO hard these days... little SQUIRMY worm!

Happy 12 months Cade-man! We love you so very much!

Up next ... BIRTHDAY PICS!!

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