Monday, January 18, 2010

Make a Pact With Me!! Please!

So Oprah has done it AGAIN! Did you see her show today?! Are you watching right now?

In the middle of my living room Justin and I just made a pact... a serious one! One that we are going to have to WORK SUPER HARD at keeping because we are both guilty of this very very dangerous habit... 

What is it?

Distracted Driving!!

I talk on the phone while driving a lot... I use my speaker phone, but it's not about your hands...


I know, I know... I am guilty! I know I shouldn't be doing it but I do it anyway because the car is the one place where Caden is confined and I can talk... BUT what kind of sense is that?

I could HURT him or SOMEONE else! I could injure or maybe even kill someone I know or someone I don't! I could be the one to hit YOU!

Make a pact with me... let's STOP! STOP talking on the phone, even if you have a headset! FOCUS! DO NOT TEXT! DO NOT EMAIL! Do not even pick up your phone! Don't do it!! Just listen to the radio, sing songs with your kids, or to yourself! But FOCUS on the road!! That one time could be THE time when it's too late!!

I'm not saying it is going to be easy, but I'm going to do it! AND I'm going to keep y'all updated on my progress!

Will you join me?! I know there are probably some super responsible people out there that wouldn't think of doing this... and to you I say, THANK YOU! You are saving lives everyday!

Just one stat to leave you with...

Driving drunk is statistically just as dangerous as driving while talking on the phone, headset, speakerphone or not... SCARY, isn't it?!


Thank you for indulging me and listening to me on my soap box!! 

Drive safe!!

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Melissa said...

I saw part of that scary! I was absolutely shocked to see the change in your perception when you are on the phone. Way to make a pact with Justin!