Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's an Un Bra!

Because I am about to write a fairly silly post I feel like it is important for me to note the seriousness of the situation in Haiti and that it is crucial that we are urgent with our prayers for the people impacted (AND THERE ARE A LOT) by this terrible, terrible tragedy! There is so much we can all do and there will continue to be LOTS to do, but let's always remember to pray!!

Alright, now I can get to it. I just was finding it hard to write about bras and my love of Selena while there were so many hurting, pleading, begging for the safety of friends and loved ones!

SO... Bras and Selena? Well some of you may or may not have recognized the title of my post as a fabulously famous quote from the movie Selena. Selena, better than anyone else, knows (or knew) her way around a bra. She knows how to wear, flaunt and most importantly BLING it. She is a little bit of a "bra idol." But really, she never was MY bra idol... but an idol maybe. You see, just after her untimely death my family moved to Corpus. I was immediately immersed into the fan fare of Selena. I remember watching her statue being erected on the news and the THOUSANDS of fans who later came to pay their respects (vandalize) her statue with their notes and signatures. I remember the anniversary of her death and watching from a friend's bedroom window the commotion at the cemetery where she was buried. I remember seeing the candles, the TV crews, the flowers, the people....TONS of people! I remember when the premier of the movie came to town and I remember that my Dad was invited. I remember that he brought home the soundtrack to the movie and I remember immediately popping it into my 3-disc boom box and becoming obsessed with Como La Flor! To this day I can still bust a lil Como La Flor... Justin and Caden love it! And the movie... well, the movie is one of my FAVORITES! I love it... especially that little treasure of a line which also happens to be my title! 

"Bustier la caca!! It's an un bra!!" Ha! I love it!! It's brilliant!!

But I really didn't set out on this post to blog about Selena, although I think I might have to dedicate one to her in the near future... wait for it!!

I used Selena as my rather LONG segue into a little story about my adventure to find a new bra... post-pregnancy, post-nursing, post-rib spreadage, post-age... you get it... lots of posts!

Caden and I went to San Antonio on Tuesday to visit KK and Albi, but of course bra shopping was just a little side perk of the trip. I have been putting it off and putting it off because I needed to wait and see what size my post nursing boobs would settle on. (I am just now realizing that my father-in-law is one of my biggest blog fans... SO SORRY Herb... you don't have to keep reading if you don't want to!!) I figured it would be a small, deflated and droopy size but even small, deflated and droopy boobs need a bra! SO after a nice lunch with Albi... KK said, come let's go to Dillards... let's get you a new bra! On me!

KK spotted me some cash because a new bra just wasn't in the budget... and she also spotted me a little help with the Cade-man who sometimes becomes a little bit of an obstacle to my dressing room attempts! 

So we roll up (Caden was in his tricycle because I left the stroller at home... BUT I had the trike!) to the lingerie section and find a sweet little lady named Anita to "fit me." 

I was sure I would have no clue where to even start. So we head to the dressing room and I lift up my arms so she can get her tape measure around me. Got the width... yep, that went up! Thank you spreading ribs!! And then she measured for cup size. I think you're a "C!" I was speechless! 

A "C" ??????? 

I look at my mom and she started to chuckle! 

Um sweet Anita... I'm not thinking I'm a C! Not possible! No way in Hades... NOPE!

Oh, oh... it must be the ruffle on your blouse... 

RIGHT, the ruffle!! Dang ruffle!

So I strip off the ruffle... but I wasn't too happy about it because I happened to be wearing my muffin top jeans because I had a tunic-y top on to cover the left-overs! BUT once I stripped the ruffle it was there for ALL to see. Well, KK, Anita and Caden... ALL of them! So it really wasn't too bad!

So after the ruffle was gone we were assured that I was in fact, NOT a "C." Duh! So off Anita and I went into the racks to pick up some bras that might work for me!

Well, honey, since you are kind of a smaller size you might be interested in a little push-up bra?! 

She said it like a statement and a question... like yes you SHOULD be interested in a push-up but I'll make it sound like a question because I'm here to serve you!

 No, I said. I'm not really into padding. I need a little but nothing obscene. 

Oh okay, honey! (she seemed disappointed)

So we gather up a few choices and hit the dressing room. I try on few and then I find one... this wonderful bra called a t-shirt bra, ironically enough. It was great. She wasn't exactly convinced that it was the RIGHT one, but I new for certain that it in fact was THE one! She wanted me to try on this next choice... it could be a winner!

I get it on and she says, OOOO yes. That one gives you a little cleavage!

Okay, Anita!! I'm not really into cleavage... never had it, never wanted it, not comfortable with it. You should have seen how paranoid I was about my growing bust line when I was a preggo... no thanks!

I'll take the t-shirt bra... two actually, if I can find the right colors!

Okay, honey let's go look!

We got to the rack and low and behold they have my size in a FLASHY HOTT PINK... ooooo, what about this one, she asks?!

Sweet, sweet Anita... 

Nope, not really into pink bras! Thanks though! 

Poor Anita... she was trying to help a girl out, but I really didn't want the help... it was like Beautiful Nail... you know that comedy act... hilarious if you haven't seen it. It was like Anita was saying that a pink bra would help me get that boyfriend I couldn't quite snag... but alas, I don't need a boyfriend or even a boy that is a friend... I just needed a bra!

We head to the checkout and Anita relays the story of the pink bra to my mom and my mom tells sweet Anita that her husband wouldn't know who got into bed with him if she brought that home... ha!

My momma... she knows me all too well!

After convincing her that I really WAS pleased with my purchases, however boring they might have been to sweet little 65 year old Anita... yes... did I mention she had great grandchildren?! It adds to the story doesn't it? And that she was about 4 ft tall? Oh yes... continues to add to it. 

So I'm happy... it's comfortable, it's practical, it's new...

It's an un bra!!


KK said...

Ahh, sweet Anita. And I had totally forgotten about your Dad and the Selena premiere. Good times. You crack me up!! Thanks for coming to see us!

Amanda said...

You are so right. The girls just don't look the same after nursing. I still am yet to go get me a new bra. Still sports bras for me. I have to do it soon. I know people at work are tired of the uni-boob!

Ashley Hall said...

OH Katie! How I love your blog! You are hilarious!! Yes, the girls are never the same after nursing! Keep writing, because I love reading!!! ps- Caden is adorable!

Michelle said...

Just think, if you got into bed in a pink bra, Caden might have to make room for a sibling:) I hope you had fun with your mom. Let's get together soon!

Melissa said...

You are hilarious!! I cannot wait to treat myself to a new bra at the end of nursing...I'm sure my story won't be half as funny as yours though!