Sunday, October 4, 2009

Things that "Fall"

Things that "Fall"

Me... IN LOVE with this little guy... I don't get the opportunity to get many pics with my Cade-man so Friday night when we headed to Georgetown for First Friday I took advantage having another set of hands and snapped a shot...just the two of us! :)

Things that "Fall"

Caden's hat... his head is definitely big enough to fill this puppy out from front to back but from side to side... well that's another story. Poor thing probably won't ever look good in caps... even his Daddy said that baseball might not be his sport because of this unfortunate truth! :)

Things that "Fall"

RAIN DROPS!! Lots of them. We decided to hop outside this afternoon and have a little family play day in the RAIN! It was so much fun! We all looked pretty hilarious when we came inside!

Things that "Fall"

Decorations!! I saw these cute little 'punkins' on Katie from the Polka Dot Pig's blog (check out the link for instructions on how to make your very own "literate pumpkin") and decided I HAD to make them for a little extra FALL decor... 

They were simple to make and the BEST part... I spent ZERO dollars on these! Considering I'm not one of the most artsy people in the world, I think they turned out pretty darn cute! 

Tomorrow we are having our first official play group with some new and old friends... we are super excited! I hope to have a chance to snap a few pics... stay posted!

Happy Fall Y'all!!


Katie said...

They turned out GREAT!! Thanks for linking them up to me!

Melissa said...

Lots to comment on here! First, what a great pic of you and look so pretty!! (Caden is looking quite handsome himself.) I love that y'all played in the fun, we will have to try that! your fall decor. So cute!