Monday, October 5, 2009

6 Mommies + 8 Kiddies= FUN Play Group

Today Caden and I hosted AND attended our very first play group... 9 months later! :) 

We have been working on getting this little group organized for what seems like forever and lucky for us only one ended up sick today and couldn't come... so all things considered we couldn't have been happier with the turn out! If you can get two mommy-kiddo schedules to match you are doing good, but 6 mommies and their 8 kiddos?! WOW!

As you can imagine the scene was pretty wild 'n crazy, so I only had a few opportunities to snap a few pics... next time I'll be more organized and try to get all of the lil ones to line up for a pic... won't that be CUTE?!

Ava was the first to arrive, so we took the opportunity to snap a few pics of just the two of them. Ava and Caden have played a few times, but mostly they enjoy each other as they "stroll" through the neighborhood!

Oops... I got Miss Gina's arm... 

Caden... checkin' out that hot chic in the pink...

Hey you lil squirt... what are you lookin' at??

Sweet Madyson came!! We were SO excited to see Madyson, who was even able to say Caden's name!! So fun!! Madyson is the veteran of the group as you can tell by her very studious decision to sit and read books while the chaos continued all around her! She'll be a big sister soon, so play group will give her lots of practice! :)

The bottom of this picture is Luke... one of three triplets! He is the baby version of Leonardo DiCaprio... don't you think?!

Caden and Ava took a little break to chew (soothe) and watch the playroom palooza!

Now we have (clockwise, starting at "12")... Abby, Madyson's mommy on the couch, then Greyson (triplet) closest to her, then Suzanne, A-mazing triplet mommy with Sienna (triplet) in her lap and Luke close by. I still am amazed that she EVER leaves her house... she is an inspiration to mommies everywhere! :) When I think I'm having a long day... I just think about Suzanne... hehe!! Ava was headed into the playroom... done with her "soothing." And little Madyson is still over by the books... 

Same people as pictured above...add Gina (Ava's mommy)...

Jennifer and Avery showed up a little later and missed out on the first round of playroom fun... but after lunch we went back at it... is she not the cutest lil thing EVER? So petite!

I never got a picture a Sweet Caroline... okay I'm done singing now. She was all over this house... she is an adventurer, never to be captured on film! Maybe next time! She is also going to be a big sister soon (we just learned today....congrats again Michelle!) so she'll have LOTS of pictures in her future!

What a fun morning with all of our friends! Thanks so much for coming to play with us!! We can't wait until next time!

Love y'all!!


KK said...

So cute and so fun. Love the pic of Ava and Caden both looking like their daddies!!

Melissa said...

So fun!!! I am impressed with your play group...I need to get that started here!

ginarowe said...

THANKS again for such a fun play time and a delicious lunch!

Stephanie said...

hey! did you do some rearranging? i see the couch is in the "play room" now. does that mean you got a new one?
looks like your play date was a hit. it's fun having them around other kiddos--they just love it!