Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I know many of you keep up with Witt Lupher, a sweet, sweet little boy who was born with a very rare disease almost 1 year ago! Witt has continued to amaze doctors with his progress and spirit, but his family has never been "amazed" because they knew that THROUGH CHRIST all things were possible for their lil man. In honor of Witt, bloggers everywhere are donating funds to purchase pictures from a photo shoot that a photographer graciously donated to Witt and his family. The funds we chip-in will go towards buying Witt's portraits... any extra will be given to the Lupher Family in the form of a Visa gift card. If you would like to donate to Witt's Birthday Fund send an email to and you will receive an email of what to do next!

Witt's blog is on my blog roll... drop by for a visit if you haven't followed Witt on his amazing journey over the past year!

If you have a blog and feel comfortable doing so... give Witt some love and spread the word about his big birthday gift!!

You can see the button desgined for Witt's Birthday on this I could not grab it for my blog!

Much love!!

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