Sunday, October 25, 2009

Baylor Homecoming 2009: A Picture Poem

Bright and early, up before the sun
Caden and Paps were ready for some fun!

We got to the parade and it was a little chilly, 
but Caden was all bundled up smiling so silly!

Our first HC as a family, we were ready to celebrate
A sweet family photo at the parade was a great way to commemorate 

Our dear friends from Houston Scott and Meli P
Brought their little boy Carter, what a sweet pea

Daddy caught a little football, so mini and bright blue
Caden asked Paps, "I wished it was green and gold, don't you?"

Yay, here comes the band! Clap, cheer and shout!
Even with all the noise the Cade-man never did pout.

Sweet Nana got in on all the HC parade fun
But Paps turned his head before the camera was good and done.

Another family picture, could there every be too many?
Check out all the band members and their celebratory shimmy!

Oh, look it's the whole fam posing for pic
Oops, Nana closed her eyes when the camera went click.

Brown bear, brown bear, flying way up high
It was fun to be way down low when it went walking by.

Mommy holding Caden, she and Daddy kept taking turns
Their arms were feeling more than just one or two good burns. 

The Cade-man and his Mommy what an inseparable pair
They even look like they have the very same shade of blondie, blond hair.

Uncle Josh and Aunt Emmie were there, we promise they really were
But we wished we had a better pic of our fun with them that's for sure.

Midway through the parade Caden was getting a little sleepy
But he hung in there like a champ and didn't get too weepy.

Parking it on the blanket it was a great sight to see
Daddy and me, me and Daddy, just the way it should be.

My buddy, my friend, my coach and most importantly my provider
When I look at this pic I wonder if my heart could open any wider

Family pics are here to stay so get ready for hundreds more
We display them all over the house, one through every door

Another angle to capture the festivities, to capture the fun
The parade was almost over,  it was almost time to run

Aunt Cori and Caden with some big, goofy grins
They have so much fun together that everybody wins

The Cox girls and the Cade-man, which one can smile the biggest
I think Caden wins this prize because his grins are the bestest

The Agnews and the Caden-man what a trio they will be
When Caden goes to visit his Uncle Trent and Aunt Cori

The parade was over and it was time for the game
But a game without lunch first would be super lame

In the trunk we ate our lunch and Caden had mashed potatoes
Where he fits all the food he eats is a mystery no one knows

Baylor's colors are green and gold but for HC they were just gold
Their jerseys were spiffy and new, certainly not smelly and old

Caden and Mommy at the game watching the Bears loiter
So we weren't too sad when we left after the very first quarter

Overalls are good for more than making stylish debuts
Like making sure Caden is safe and not making any sneaky moves.

Hold on tight Daddy, don't clap your hands
Or else Caden will be face first in the stands

Later in the day we went back to campus to visit all the floats
We took a few pics, walked a few steps and that was all she wrote

A quick stop by Judge Baylor, a photo-op indeed
A padded pedestal was the only thing in need

And now we're home and unpacked, the house is nice and clean
Okay so I lied, don't judge me for blogging instead of giving things a sheen

You know you love the picture of our family weekend fun
The only thing that could have made it better was if Baylor would have won!

THANKS Nana and Paps for a GREAT weekend in Waco. We appreciate all the food, clothing and shelter you provided us! Can't wait until next year!! We love y'all!


KK said...

Cute cute pictures and your poem wasn't too shabby either! I am glad you had such a good time.

twhit said...

Kaite, you look so cute! Caden looked like a trooper that day.

twhit said...

That comment from Twhit was from Amanda!