Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... The 2011 Baylor Homecoming (Post!)

Another Baylor Homecoming come and gone... it's hard to believe that this was Caden's third homecoming! For a little Homecoming flashback fun, check out the two posts below...

2009 Baylor Homecoming

Boy has our family continued to evolve with each year. Caden keeps getting bigger and BIGGER... and then Kaki-girl... she was just a little bean in the belly last year and in fact we didn't even know we were expecting her until the Monday AFTER homecoming last year! And now, she's here, enjoying her VERY FIRST Baylor Homecoming!

And WHAT A WEEKEND it was...

Our weekend started off a bit earlier this year. Since my sorority won FIRST PLACE in All-University Sing last year, I knew that I HAD to make it a priority to get to Pigskin this year... the show that features the top 8 performances from the previous Spring. But with kiddos Pigskin can be a bit difficult to manage, but with Caden being the music lover that he is, I thought we should give it a try and take him with us and ask Sweet Nana to keep Kaki-pants! I AM SO glad that we decided to take Caden because HE LOVED it...and thus we decided that a new Cox family tradition had begun... Thursday night Pigskin... the perfect way to kickoff a fabulous Homecoming Weekend!

Caden and Daddy were READY for the show!!

He literally clapped the ENTIRE show... it was hilarious! Sometimes it would be spontaneous applause... I guess he was moved by the music! :) And just as we'd hoped, Pi Phi was AMAZING!! We loved it! All of the acts were great actually... it was a super fun show!

Having the ENTIRE day on Friday to tool around campus and Waco was a lot of fun. It definitely made the weekend a bit easier to swallow. We were able to spread out the late nights and have some down time to get to do the fun stuff that we never seem to make time for in a whirlwind weekend.

Friday, we headed up to campus to snap some pics of the kiddos. Kk bought Kaki and Caden the cutest fall outfits and I just knew that Baylor would be ALL A'BLOOM for the weekend festivities so we took the opportunity to show off the campus to our kiddos and capture some sweet memories!

AND we got to walk off the Vitek's gut pack (my very first) that we would consume for lunch! :)

Aunt Ree Ree and Caden were trying to ring the bell!

Caden and his Aunt... strollin' hand in hand...

Kaki-pants was taking in the sights from her snap 'n go... BEST baby invention EVER! Thank you Lesley!! :)
Swing pic... the Cox ladies and the Cade-man!

Can I get a Sic 'em Bears for Judge Baylor?!?!

There was a prospective student tour going on just behind the statue and they got a HUGE kick out of Caden's enthusiasm for the Bears! :)

Photo time...

Aren't they cute in their fall hues?!! Loving my kiddos in brown!! With Baylor GOLD in the background! Sic 'em!

Sweet, sweet, precious Kaki-girl...

I tried to capture a neat shot of the kids with Pat Neff in the background, but the shadows were weird... and clearly I am NO photographer!

After our yummy gut pack we headed home for the rest of the day to CHILL... it was SO nice to not have a schedule for Friday night and nothing pressing to get done! It was a much needed afternoon and evening of rest before our BIG day on Saturday! In the coming years I am sure Friday night will be filled with Bonfire activities but this year we decided that was one piece of the Homecoming tradition we could do without...

When Bop got home from work, Caden put him straight to work building a tower!! It was HUGE!! Nice work, Bop!

The next morning is always an UP and AT 'EM morning!! Bright and early... getting pretty for the Baylor Homecoming parade!! Caden's most anticipated event!!

It was a CHILLY morning and Mommy wasn't quite prepared! Thank goodness for Starbucks and a stray scarf! And Kaki benefited from a brother that was insistent on not wearing his coat!! Double the warmth for Kaki-girl!!

Sweet little, little... I'm ready for the parade... or a nap... either one! :)

Caden and Aunt Ree Ree were ready!! Nana too!!

My boys... aren't they handsome?!!

Fam pic... better ones to come later...

Waiting on the band...

OH!! I think I hear them... here they come!!! Ladies and gentlemen... boys and girls... welcome to the 2011 Baylor Homecoming Parade...

We have been "announcing" Caden ALL week long in preparation for the big event. After we announce him, marching in the Baylor Homecoming Parade... he marches (in time) around the house, waving his flag... playing his recorder, banging his drum... using his guitar as a saxaphone... you name it! The kid LOVES him some marching band!!

Caden Cox is your biggest FAN... Baylor band!! :)

After the parade we took some family pics before we headed off to see some old friends...

Look who we bumped into... sweet Baylor friends from home!! Miss Jaime and Miss Lesley and their Bear cubs! :)
And then look who it is... a little family reunion before the Pi Phi Tea... We missed you Hum-diddle-lee-umke!!

Kaki got to come to the Pi Phi tea with me and Aunt Ree Ree while Caden and Justin hung out in the hallway and played catch with Caden's new football he caught in the parade! Yay!! Kaki was a HIT... of course! :) In fact, she made a new friend... her name was Tori and I am pretty sure she was trying to rush Kaki... but she didn't win my vote because when she asked me when I graduated from Baylor she said, "Oh wow... that is when I started high school!!!" Really, Tori?!!! Thanks for that!! :)

It was so fun running into to old friends... it feels like we never left! :) Except for the whole two kids and extra poundage thing!! :)

Once we were done with the tea (or maybe they call it brunch??) we headed out ... ALL THE WAY BACK ACROSS CAMPUS TO THE CAR!! Caden was DONE! The boots only last so long ... so Aunt Ree Ree and Daddy took turns carrying Caden pieces of the way! We were all done by the time we got back to the car... ready for lunch! :)

And maybe a nap...
Kaki girl caught herself a couple of naps after we got back home and Caden got a LONG one in too... just in time for him to get FIRED UP for the game!!


Caden did a bit of tailgating with his Daddy and his Aunt before the game... he is SO cool!

Meanwhile... back at the ranch... Kaki and I had a little Bumbo photoshoot! We had a girls night!! Super fun!

Caden... chowing down on a Chick fil a sandwich... when I first got this pic texted to me, I was a little bit concerned at what he was eating... Phew... just chicken! :)

Singing the Star Spangled Banner... with our flag... and NO hat... hello hat hair!! yikes!

Still got the flag at half time!

And at the end of the game...
Not sure he EVER let it go until he was DOWN ON THE FIELD... after the game! :) What fun! Sweet Bop is Caden's game buddy... which means he is running some serious interference during the game! :) Thanks Bop!!

Actually, the field idea sounded like a lot more fun than it actually was apparently... Justin said Caden was a bit concerned about all of the other kids down there and was ready to leave pretty soon after they got down there. When he got home Caden said, "dem kids were in MY way!!" Oh dear... sharing... not our strong suit sometimes!!

Justin snapped a video of Caden cheering last night... I don't know why but I find it SO HILARIOUS... he is so intense and excited! Just like his Daddy! I have yet to experience Caden at a game, but I am so glad I got a little sneak peak into my funny little man! He is such a nut!!

Last night he would spontaneously start up a "HEEEEEEEEY Sic 'em Bears!" and everyone would turn around and look... HA! We'll have to work on his timing... but his enthusiasm is top notch!! :) Oh and Melanie... heard you met my little man!! :) So fun!! But so sad I missed you!

This morning we headed to a local breakfast spot... our fav... for some good eats before we headed back to the Rock. I had to snap a quick pic of Kaki in her dress because she was so cute! :) Thanks, KK! :) We love it!!

So there you have it... LOTS of pictures!! LOTS of fun!! And LOTS of memories! I am pretty sure we will be talking about the SHOW (pigskin), the H-wade (the parade) and the dame (the game) for WEEKS to come!!

Thanks Nana and Bop for being fabulous hosts all weekend and for letting us come in and take over your house! And thanks Aunt Ree Ree for all of your help this weekend... we'd hire you if we could afford you!! We had so much fun with all of you... missed you Uncle Tag!!


Everybody now....


Sic 'em Bears!!!


Melissa said...

I have so much to say about this post! First, you guys are the most precious Baylor family ever. Second, I am so sad to miss the pi phi family time. And finally, your kiddos are absolutely precious, especially in those pics you snapped on campus in their it!

KK said...

What a wonderful weekend!! So glad you guys had so much fun. Sweetest kids ever!

The Lacys said...

I hate that I didn't see you! I told Jake we needed to try to find you :) he knows you because I always talk about how hilarious your blog is and how sweet you are. Next year we'll have to have a meeting place. And, I cannot handle Cadens football game attire. He is sooo darn cute :)

Lindsay said...

it was so fun running into you guys! your kiddos are precious!

Tiffany said...

It looks like y'all had such a fun time!! You got some great pictures. What a perfect weekend weather wise! Glad y'all had a great weekend.

Mrs. Frazier said...

I got to meet sweet Caden... your father-in law (I think) and him were sitting behind us at the game! CUTEST THING EVER! He loves Baylor- I just watched your video too. LOVE LOVE LOVE it... raising them right. :)