Saturday, November 19, 2011

Do My Children Look Like Me??

So my mom recently brought me some pics for a little comparison fun! While it is certainly no doubt that both of my children are a good mix of Justin and I both, it is hilarious to compare pics and catch glimpses of ourselves in our kids!!

I will have to get Nana to bust out some pics of Justin for me to take home next time to do the same with but until then here are few comparisons of my kiddos and me! :)

Any Kaki-pants in there???!!

Caden actually tells me that "NO, Mommy that KAKI" when we look at that picture! So he sees it!
Not an exact match... but close! I had a pic of KK to scan... BUT it didn't come out right... will have to get some other to compare... because as y'all know Kaki is definitely a KK look-alike!

Another look...

It's funny when I look at the pictures of me just by themselves I see Kaki more than when I hold up pictures side by side...

And now for Caden comparisons...

I'm the one in the middle if you couldn't tell... with the MOST unfortunate haircut. My mom told me she was trying to go for the Dorothy Hamil like my cousins had... BUT I think the hair-dresser was headed more towards the redneck version of the cut! But let me just say that KK did have me going for a very fashion-forward version of the smocked dress with my textured tights and snazzy red shoes... you go, Kk!! :)

I think Caden looks more like me in pics than Kaki does, but there is certainly NO DOUBT that he has some Daddy in him too!!

And poor, sweet boy doesn't get his shy, cautious, I am afraid of loud noises from no where... it came straight down the genetic pipe!!

I cried for YEARS and YEARS anytime there was a big commotion! When my Aunt came to take care of my brother and I when my mom had surgery one time the PAGES of notes on what to do and not to do were apparently LENGTHY!! Don't look at her, turn the radio down before she gets out of the car at school, do not say her name when she is walking to the car after school, etc. etc. At gymnastics I would cry if the music was too loud... I cried nearly EVERY day of school for the first two years of my school life (kinder and first, not MDO and pre-school) AND luckily I grew out of that... BUT I was just telling my mom that after staying home for the majority of the last three years I feel myself getting more uncomfortable in public and prefer the safety of my people and my home! I am reverting back to my childhood behaviors??!! Girlfriend needs to get out more, AMEN?!!

Okay but back to it... our cry face is the same!!

And our shy face is the same too! This picture below is one that was taken at Mother's Day Out... a polaroid actually... I guess this is the best they could get! Happy Mother's Day from your shy daughter! And in case you don't remember her name... it's on her dress! :) LOVED this dress!!

(I know it looks like I am just a BRAT, but no... just PAINFULLY shy!! THIS is NOT to say that I didn't have my bratty years... because boy did I... and still have my moments today!)

I find it fabulous that the Lord blessed me with Caden's cautious/shy personality (IN PUBLIC... kid is a crazy man at home!) because I can feel his pain... and hopefully help him overcome it just like my parents did for me... although the poke fun until she cracks method is what they used... I might go about it a bit differently! :) No hard feelings of course... I am fairly normal... fairly! :)

That's all I've got for today...

Happy Weekend!


KK said...

All I can say is Caden is clearly your child! I definitely see you in Kaki too but some of those faces that you and Caden both make are just too hilarious.

Emily and Josh said...

Love all the old pics! So hilarious... can't wait to see you all in a few days - YAY!!!

Melissa said...

Love the pic comparison... I need to do that again at this age for both boys! I can see you in kaki, buy definitely see it in Caden more at the moment. The pictures cracked me up! Especially the cry face pics! Love you and your shy boy... I definitely have my shy one (carter) just like his mommy was!