Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Praise-Worthy Thanksgiving: Part II

After our super fun Thanksgiving in San Antonio we headed 'em up and moved 'em on out... up the road a ways to Waco! Nana, Bop, Ree Ree, Uncle Tag, Gran and Poppa were all ANXIOUSLY awaiting our arrival. We always laugh because no sooner have we pulled in the driveway than the door goes up and the crew all come running out to greet us! We can almost count it down... 5, 4, 3... and there they are!

The Cox Fam loves them some Caden and Kaki... and I guess they think Justin and I are alright as well... especially since we make such cool kids! :)

Once we got there and settled in a bit, Bop had a SAH-weet surprise for Caden! Flags... like GIANT handmade BAYLOR flags... like the Band has! He was in heaven and I was thinking that Bop just scored him some serious brownie points!

So away to the window I flew in a flash.... wait... wrong holiday! So away to the backyard Caden ran in a rush... with a flag in each hand! It was time to do a little marching, chanting, running... football playing!
And of course sweet Bop was ready to play right along with him!

Check out the wave of that flag... you go Caden!

Inside Kaki was getting some lovin' from Gran and Poppa who hadn't seen her in a couple of months... they couldn't believe all of her new tricks! And of course Kaki was quick to introduce them to her besties... Cheech and Chong!

After a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner which included a few new Cox family Thanksgiving treats we all settled in for our Turkey comas! But they couldn't last too long because Saturday was a fun-filled day of family activities...

The boys played golf... and Caden got to tag along... for the first 9 holes! :) And the girls skipped our traditional holiday craft time this year and opted for pedicures! I am pretty sure that this is the first year we've gotten our priorities in check! Amen?!

Aunt Ree Ree snapped a pic of the girls getting our toes did, but somehow I didn't end up with a copy of it... but you don't need to see a pic to know that we enjoyed every minute of it. And I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying my new color, "Warm and Fozzie" one of the new Muppet Collection OPI colors... think bronzy, sparkly, holiday fun! Love it! It was such a treat to get to do a little girly fun and especially now that we have Kaki pants to join in the fun. It was actually her second time to the nail place... you go Kaki-girl! Thanks Nana for the fun treat!

That afternoon we did a whole lot of nothing... well actually everyone but me did a whole lot of napping. I figured there needed to be one responsible adult still awake... clearly, I had my hands full with these two...

Speaking of Cheech and word are these two ever the more alike! I think I married my mother in law!! :)

Saturday we ate mexican food TV-side and cheered on our Bears... to victory! Exciting stuff! I don't know about y'all though... after seeing all of those injuries I have a hard time wanting Caden to pick football as his sport! I mean those poor boys' mamas! I can't even imagine! Hopefully all of them will make a full recovery, especially 'ol RGIII... I think we kind of might need him this weekend!

Sunday we topped off our turkey filled week like any good Texas family should... with a big, juicy, beefy burger at the Fudd... got to love a burger and fries! We had a GREAT time in Waco and can't believe in just a few weeks we'll be right back there to do it all over again... time is flying! Tomorrow is December people!!

Thank you Nana and Bop... we are sure thankful for how you love us! And to Ree Ree and Tag for absolutely going gaga for our kids! They are such blessed little people to have so many people who love them as much as they do! (and you make flags for them... over the top Bop... over the top!!) We love you all!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! (again!)

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