Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Two Gems From Today...

Okay so I've got some GEMS for y'all today! Two videos to show you just how different, WORLDS apart even, my relationships with my two kids are right now! One is so sweet, gentle and quiet and the other... well, see for yourself what our house sounds like when Caden is home! Phew!

Now... for a disclaimer! I am certainly not living under some false sense of talent and going to be appearing on American Idol in an audition ANY TIME SOON! I realize that I am TERRIBLE... a TERRIBLE singer or Bom-Bom-Bommer... BUT the things you do for your kids and then the things you do for grandparents so that they can "watch" your kids grow up right alongside you is INCREDIBLE!

As much as Caden LOVES music, I truly wish I had more to offer him BUT alas this is not my gift... so beware... find your mute button just in case... and feel free to laugh AT me! I am certainly okay with this!!

And now...

Caden performing the Baylor Fight Song... complete with the "running of the flags" or FLAG in this case! Be sure and hang in there until the end... it's the BEST part!!

Y'all... the CHILD is OBSESSED with all things BAYLOR and BAND... Bless his sweet little heart, he loves them something fierce!!


And a few captured giggles of my sweet Kaki-girl... she has such a deep-throaty voice... makes me laugh!!


Cori said...

What precious kiddos! Caden's marching and singing is hilarious!! Love it!

Lindsay said...

Love both of those videos! Caden is such a fun little boy and those Kaki laughs are precious!