Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wind Up and the Pitch

Happy Sunday!

I've got lots of blogging to do today to catch up before we hit the road again tomorrow to go see Nana, Paps and Aunt Cori! So let's just hop on in, shall we?!

Caden and I packed up our car, who we affectionately named, Tilly and hit the road again this week. This time we trekked to the booming metropolis of San Antonio to visit KK and Albi and to check on our Uncle Josh and of course to steal of few minutes of Aunt Emily's time too!

Since Caden was recovering from an ear infection (see previous post!) we didn't get to do all of the fun, outdoor things we usually get to do while we are in San Antonio like play in the sprinkler and go to the pool, BUT not to worry, because where Caden is concerned a trip to San Antonio never disappoints! SO MUCH to see and do!

If I haven't told y'all yet, my son is OBSESSED and I am not even sure OBSESSED quite covers it... with guitars! HE LOVES THEM! He spots them everywhere. In Target, on the side of Taco C Styrofoam cups, on his videos, on TV, in his books, you name it! If there is a guitar within a 5 mile radius of him, he'll find it and GO CRAZY when he sees it... I'm thinking the theme for his 2 year birthday party is going to be a piece of cake! :)

Anyway... because of this new found obsession. I say new found... it's been a few months, but it has of course intensified as he becomes more and more aware of the fabulousness of guitars. So Justin and I have been searching thrift stores, Target, resale shops, etc. trying to find him a smaller "real" looking guitar that didn't look too much like a kids toy but we hadn't had much luck. Leave it to KK to brave going to The Wal-Marts and finding the PERFECT Caden-sized guitar.

It had to be tuned and everything... check out Albi with his amazing skills. Funny little side note: my Dad, Albi... played the bass guitar and bass violin in high school, so it isn't completely shocking that Caden likes music or guitars. Paps also has a musical gift too... so he must come by it naturally... Ha! :)

So the guitar of course was a HUGE hit. SO much so that the poor guitar required glue gun surgery on the first day we were there and then again before we could get it back home. Currently, the guitar is awaiting surgery in the garage until Justin and I have the time and/or extreme amount of patience to put it back together... it's much worse off the second time around.

Let's just say that the Chinese should stick to other crafts, but guitars... they might want to leave that up to someone else! Made in China in guitar language is Soon to be Tossed in the Garbage! Ah, well ... it was $20 well-spent. We've talked about creating a guitar-fund so that we can keep replacing these until he is old enough to get him the real deal! :)

So while we weren't playing doctor, KK and I just hung out around the house with the Chade and let him play! One of his favorite things about KK and Albi's house is their doggie Molli. He and Aunt Molli get along GREAT, well at least Caden seems to think so! Poor Molli is constantly being used as a pillow or being petted and hugged OVER and OVER again. Personal space isn't really an option! At least he hasn't gotten into the rough and tough pulling her ears and trying to ride her like a horse phase... he's still VERY sweet to his Aunt Molls!

We picked this particular week to come to San Antonio for a couple of reasons... Originally we were just going to come for one night to watch Albi throw the honorary first pitch at the San Antonio Missions game, but when Uncle Josh had to have surgery a few weeks ago we decided to extend our stay and visit with him since he was still at home recovering. We got to have lunch and dinner with Uncle Josh on Wednesday and even got to play with his dog Griff! It was good to see for ourselves that Uncle Josh was going GREAT! He even headed back to work for a few hours later in the week... a visit from Caden must have been just the right medicine! :)

Okay so back to the game... the pitch!

Albi was asked some time ago to throw out the first pitch at the game this week and so we've all been gearing up for the big day. He's been "mental pitching" and even practiced a few times with Justin at our house and in his neighborhood with a cooler as his target. Like anyone, he wanted to be sure he crossed the plate with the ball and didn't short-hop it into the catcher's face! SO practice was very important!

Before the game started we gathered with Albi and some of his co-workers who were anxious to meet Caden... or as they called him, Mini Bruce! And he really is... he is still a good mixture of both his Daddy and me, but when he is next to his Albi it really is uncanny how much they look a like, with that white blond hair and blue eyes... And of course no one can miss how BIG Caden is... just like his Albi! :)

Here are the boys chattin' about the upcoming pitch before the game...

Caden, of course, was totally loving the attention from the sea of interested onlookers and was hammin' it up... cheesy, silly boy!

Not too long after we got there it was time for Albi to begin his pre-pitch preparations...

Which included, but are not limited to... stretchin' it out on the mound... hanging in the dugout with Cedric Hunter who just got called up to the AAA team and who is also expected be a big player on the Padres in the coming years...

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for...

The wind up...

And the pitch!!!!

I'll save you the suspense!! It was a HARD, FAST ball straight over the plate! It was awesome!! I have a video of it too... see the next post for the on-camera version of the Wind Up and the PITCH!!!

After the first pitch, KK, Caden and I took our seats while Albi entertained customers on the party deck. We didn't last more than 2 minutes before we headed to the berm to let Caden run around a bit!

My red-cheeked lil man was having a BLAST running around and standing at the fence watching the game, but seeing as he was still getting over that nasty ear infection we didn't want to overstay our welcome and decided to pack it up and head home. We grabbed a quick bite to eat on the way home and Caden was in bed WAY past his bedtime, BUT as his Daddy said when we talked to him on the phone that night... for BASEBALL ANYTHING IS OKAY!

It was a great night for Albi and his biggest fans, alike! Way to go Albi!! You're #1!!

Thanks for a fun few days, KK and Albi!! As always we have WAY TOO MUCH fun and not near enough time with you two! We love y'all!

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twhit said...

Albi, reminds me of a clean shaven goose gossaqe. I am very impressed that he threw a strike way to Brucie