Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy 17 Months Chade!

In honor of Caden's 17-Month Birthday...

A Month of Memories: May 2010's Top 17!

(these are in no particular order!)

1. Watching KK "water" Caden to make him "grow" with her watering can. He didn't see it comin' and looked at her like, "Did that just happen?"

2. Having to raise the basketball goal up to the next level because Caden grew inches overnight!

3. Caden preferring to be shirt-less and watching that sweet pudgy belly hang over his shorts!

4. His new word: "Yah!" He says it to everything... example: Caden, are you a girl?! YAH! It's the sweetest little word and his most-used right now!

5. Watching him learn the hand motions to his church songs better each week. We usually have a favorite song of the week that we work on over and over again... it changes all the time. Sometimes he will do a particular hand motion and I will say, "Do you want to sing, so and so song?" And he says YAH and gets excited!

6. His new dance skills... picture the penguins from Happy Feet... or Richard Simmons in Sweatin' to the Oldies.. FAST feet!! 

7. Watching Caden mimic his Daddy when they get home from Dude Runs... Justin will come home and take off his shirt and then Caden will immediately start tugging on his and grunting for us to take it off. Then Justin heads to the table to sit down and drink his water. Caden runs right over to him and grabs his water and stands next to his Daddy and drinks. In between his sips he makes the most dramatic sighs like it was the toughest dude run EVER! Justin is usually still breathing hard and so Caden is trying to do the same... it is the CUTEST thing ever! I wish I would have gotten it on video because now that the weather is warmer Dude Runs will be after Caden's bedtime!

8. Caden is keenly aware of his grandparents (both sets) and KNOWS that they each have a very special place in their hearts all for him. He may or may not take advantage of this OFTEN! :) Oh dear!

9. Eating Popsicles at his picnic table has become an almost nightly tradition. He goes and sits at his table and points to the door, "like okay... got get me one, I'm ready now!" So maybe he has us wrapped around his finger too!

10. Caden has always been a stair climber but I have always been weary of letting him come down the stairs by himself. Progressively this month Caden has been letting me know that he is more than capable by climbing up a few stairs at a time and then coming back down backwards and on his belly. Now I let him do it ALL the time and the FULL staircase! It is the greatest thing... now I can carry laundry downstairs and not have to make two trips... great skills to learn!! :)

11. The Chade is a busy guy... always up to something. This morning I forgot to close the bathroom door and he was unloading the trash can into the toilet... baby proofing is essential and so is a brain... remembering to close doors, hide remote controls, etc. etc. 

12. When Caden gets a haircut it is quite a mess because he eats a sucker the entire time and so the sucker and the drool and and the hair equal quite a mess for his face, the smock and the Mommy! I'll handle a mess over tears any day, though and I love nothing more than his pretty boy haircut... he's clean cut! 

13. His laugh... oh his laugh! When he really gets going it is impossible to not join in! It is hilariously contagious and so much fun to hear! I don't think anyone can make him laugh like his Daddy, but recently I've been coming close when I chase him up the stairs!

14. In a moment of pure stupidity the other day I taught Caden how to jump on the bed. I am not sure why this seemed like a good idea, but at the time it was SUPER FUN! We were singing one of our "jumpin" songs from church and having ball, so NOW he wants to do it ALL the time! He'll run up the stairs and stand at the edge of the bed... waiting for me to hoist him up! OOPS!

15. The kid loves to eat... but recently (this month) he's started eating chips and queso, chips and guac. Chips and salsa are a food group as far as I'm concerned so I'm kind of proud of my mexican food lovin' boy. He has cut FOUR new teeth this month (two molars) so the chips are becoming easier and easier to eat... AND no goldfish or other snacks required when we can order chips and salsa when eating out! :)

16. He loves to sit in a rocking chair... any rocking chair! He has a glider in his room and often during "room time" each morning I'll walk by and see him chillin' in his glider, just rockin' away. We also have one in our living room. He hops up in it all the time too and rocks! KK even has a kiddie rocker (that used to be mine) that he repainted for her grandkids and he sits in it quite a bit too! His Albi is the world's number 1 rocker, so it is no surprise that he loves it too... he comes by it naturally... even Paps likes to rock! 

17. Caden doesn't say many words that you and I would recognize but he has developed an extensive babble language this month that is quite hilarious! He is VERY VERBAL but just not in the traditional sense... my friend Gina says that it means he's creative... HAHA! We love to hear his stories and he always has a word for us! He is a mess! 100% mess! We call his language "doi" because this is the first word he said in his language... it started like "doi, doi, doi, doi, doi" and now it is "doi, ba, ma, doi, doi, doi..." he's all over the place! Sometimes he's loud and sometime he's gentle... funny little man!

I love you Caden Ford Cox!  AND I love spending my days with you! Happy Birthday little man!! 


KK said...

Oh how I love you Caden Ford Cox!

Cori said...

Can't wait to see all of his new tricks next week!