Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dude Scars: A Tooth Story

Well, it was only a matter of time I suppose... especially with my little adventurous toot!

As if his last name wasn't going to cause him enough grief as a kiddo, he's now going to have to worry about yet another nickname...

Just call him Chip!!

Check it out...

You see it? Your right... top tooth? A little something shaved/cracked/broken of the bottom?

His injury happened Sunday afternoon before his nap and we didn't realize he had chipped his tooth until Tuesday evening because of this...

SUPER DUPER fat lip! The pciture really doesn't do it justice! It was a bleeder and a sweller and an all out nasty little boo-boo! Caden couldn't find his brakes as he was rounding the corner into the laundry room and he tripped and fell. Tripped on nothing, fell on the tile and got his lip just right... and his tooth too!

So along with lil man, the Chade, Cade-man, and other fun nicknames, Caden will also be affectionately known as Chip... or Chippy Cox!

We love you Chippy!!

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the G Rowes said...

Oh, poor lip! Caden we think you are the cutest and your chipped tooth just makes you all that more adorable! We hope you are feeling better!