Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekend In CC

Last weekend we all needed a get-away... and we hadn't been to CC to see KK and Albi since the week after they moved in and KK has been hard at work making their new house a home... and we couldn't wait to go visit.

Sometimes, you just need your mama's house no matter where it is or how long they've been there... it's still just what you need! After all there is no place like home... :)

And when you get to go to CC it almost always means a trip to the BEACH!! Whooooooo hooooo!

The weather was Texas perfection... warm but not hot, breezy but not windy, lovely, lovely, lovely!

We spent lots of time outside and enjoyed every second of exploring KK and Albi's new home!

Albi got a new chair in which Caden and Kaki loved...

We went down on Thursday morning... got to drive on Texas' FASTEST highway which I am pretty sure leaves you a bit sea-legged but it is SO nice! Thursday night Kk cooked a feast and we were spoiled! Friday we went shopping... which meant KK wrangled the kiddos while Mommy bought bras... it's not my favorite thing to do, but a necessary evil, amen? And hard to do with kids in tow!

So we did some shopping and then came home for some fun... which included the pool, fresh air and a nice walk while the kids and KK were all napping for Mommy! There is something therapeutic and altogether healing about the salt air... and the vitamin D! There are plenty of times when I lament over the hot Texas weather but I tell you what... 75 degrees, sun and a breeze in December... you just can't beat that! It was heaven! My batteries were recharged and for that I was thankful!

Friday night Daddy drove into town and we had yet another amazing meal a la KK and hung out. The next day we spent the morning by the pool... relaxing and getting a bit sun kissed... it was amazing... and THEN we headed out to the BEACH!! 

And we conquered one of Albi's fears as we drove on the beach... eek! He didn't understand what it was like since he had never been to this particular beach! But we had... Port A every summer for the past 5 summers. And once he saw how well it was maintained he was A-OK... but still pretty humorous! Poor Albi, so often he is the but of our jokes!

Kaki and Caden were FIRED up to be at the beach, especially Caden because he knew what he was in for. We aren't sure if Kaki remembered her previous beach trips, but we were excited to see what she'd do now that she is a walkin' lady! :) 

As you can tell she was not one bit scared and loved every second of it... and Caden too! A boy and his football... such fun! After our trip to the beach we grabbed some gelato and coffee and took a trip to the toy store before heading back to KK and Albi's house for some pizza! YUMMO!

That night we drove out to the Habor Bridge to check out the Christmas Lights! Christmas in Corpus... nothing quite like it!

We can't wait to be back next week!! 

On Sunday morning we woke up to some giggling in the monitor... and this is what we found...

What happens in CC stays in CC...

Thanks for hosting us KK and Albi... it was just what we needed! 

Love y'all!

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KK said... all the pics. Can't wait to do it all over again. So glad you made the trip. Just what we needed too. :)