Thursday, December 13, 2012

Third Round of Visitors and SANTA Visit!

Well, one of the most exciting things about moving into a new place is that people want to come visit you... and stay... because now we have room in our inn! Praise God! 

I forgot to mention that Aunt Emily and Uncle Josh and my dear friends Meli P and her husband Scott have both come to pay a visit and we were SO GRATEFUL for them to take the time to do so... but neither one of them were able to stay the night... but soon... :) 

So Ree Ree and Graham made the road trip up to see us last week! And Nana decided to drive down from Waco too. We had big plans for a Santa visit and all sorts of Christmas-y fun! We still weren't too sure about Caden and if he would be able to handle a full day at school so we decided to keep him home on Tuesday in hopes that we would continue to rest and recover, but Ree Ree and Nana opted to still come and we were so glad they did!

Tuesday night Caden had his school program which he didn't want to miss... and there will be more on that later, but first...

The highlight of their trip... our visit to Santa!

We got all gussied up and ready for our big visit and drove down to The Domain and went to knock on Santa's door, BUT as luck would have it Santa was busy and wouldn't be back for quite some time... LUCKILY, there was an FABULOUS Christmas cruiser ready to take us for a spin around the mall and Nana so graciously offered to take the kiddos and Ree Ree for a ride while I stayed behind and played photog! :)

All aboard... Graham's first train ride...

They took two BIG laps around the mall and listened to the conductor of the train tell a story about Christmas! I think Kaki was a little unsure but loved it all the same. And Graham and Caden loved the train too ... I don't think there was one complaint out of those two... 

After the train ride we schlepped the kids over to Gloria's for a bite to eat... it was so yummy! 

And then... just then... it was finally time to see Santa!!

Hip, hip hooray!!!

Right, Kaki?!

Bless her heart... She wasn't so much into Santa this year... and naturally this is the FIRST year that Caden didn't cry since he's been of age! :) Hilarious! Caden with the perfect pose! And Kaki with the SCREAM! Hehe... she was so sad! And we laughed... aren't we special?!

But I couldn't be more proud of our Santa pic this year... classic doesn't even begin to cover it!

Okay... back to the night of the big performance...

These pics are all shades of out of order... but let's just roll with it...

Caden holding his cuz... he loved holding Graham and Graham obliged! Sweet little nugget cousins they are!

Handsome man... love this picture! My friend captured it perfectly! :) My shy guy...

After the big performance where Caden did not sing but DID do the hand motions... victory... we went to DQ for a treat! When he asked for ice cream I knew he was starting to find his energy again and I was so thankful!

You may even be able to see the relief of my face... answered prayers!

It was a yummy and fun night celebrating Christmas with the Chade and his classmates! Hard to believe that this year he was old enough to be on the big stage!! And to think that next year Kaki-pants will get to do some performing of her own next year too! :-)

Thanks for visiting Aunt Ree Ree, Graham and Nana... we can't wait to do it again soon!! Next time, in Houston?! :-)

We love y'all!!

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