Thursday, December 13, 2012

17... phew That Was a Fast One...

Post edited on 12/14/12 to include extra (sad) iPhone pics of Kaki Lou in her 17th month! 

Kaki-Pants... stop it! These months are flying by WAY too fast! And you are the poor second child, with no special monthly photo shoots... It's all I can do to come up with 7... yes that's right 7 lousy iPhone pictures to document your 17th month of life. I would beat myself up over it... and maybe I have, but alas second children wouldn't be second children without such lapses in parental attentiveness.

Of course, that is not to say that I don't pay attention to my girl... in fact my girl demands it. And not because she is overtly bossy, although she can be, but because she is so funny! Just tonight she had us all in stitches at dinner as she played peek-a-boo with her tortilla!! Caden thought it was the funniest thing he has ever witnessed... he laughs at her antics all the time. It's like he can't believe what he is witnessing and he can't hold back his chuckles! It's so funny to watch her be the comedian.

She is the busiest girl I have ever been around. She is constantly on the go... always with an agenda in mind. Only the joke's on all of us because without much talking we have no idea what she's up to. She is typically carrying bags, buckets, and anything else she can stuff things into. If we are missing ANYTHING in the house... from a cell phone to a pair of shoes we are always quick to check Kaki's bag first. It is almost always the jackpot of lost goods. She loves her babies and cares for them so well. She loves putting them in her stroller along with as many other things that she can stuff in there and stroll around the house. Like I mentioned in a previous post, she shushes her baby just like her Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag do to Graham. And a few days ago, after putting her baby in the stroller she said "UH-OH" and starting wiping her babies mouth and then the floor with her hand... I think her baby might of spit-up like Graham has a tendency to do. She is so observant it amazes me the things she picks up.

The other night she had brought her stool into the living room to sit next to me. She sat down and tried to cross her legs... I hadn't even noticed that I was sitting with my legs crossed too. She was starting to fuss when she couldn't get it and it was the funniest thing to watch those chubby baby legs try to cross over each other... no way sister! Not yet! She is ever the lady, though!

Kaki has an ARM! And I feel like I can say that with confidence and not fear that I am bragging because she is only 17 months... but seriously... the girl can chunk a ball! And toys... and her paci and we may have even seen her throw food... we're working on only throwing balls which she clearly has a gift for! :)

She loves playing in the backyard with Caden and the doggies and enjoys all of the room to run. She is terrible navigating steps of any height which slows her down and makes her cautious at times and for that we are thankful. Because the girl doesn't really have boundaries... or at least she pushes them... We've got to watch her pretty closely.

But we have learned that if we want to to go and hide in a corner, all we need to do is pull out the vacuum. Sister friend is SCARED with a capital S of that thing. Actually, it's more like terrified... she doesn't even like walking by the closet we keep it in. Bless her heart. She doesn't like the noise of the vacuum but and this may be tmi, BUT every time I am in the bathroom she asks me (by pointing and grunting) to turn on the exhaust fan... strange?! Yes! 

Kaki had a first this month... her first ear infection... and it was a double which meant it was her first time for antibiotics... which we were pretty thankful for... 17 months... not too shabby! Beat her borther by 6 months! :) She's had her fair share of nasty colds and she did suffer with the NASTIEST case of hand, foot and mouth disease earlier this fall, but the cold that would never end that we all had over Thanksgiving got Kaki just like it did Caden... so we had four bad ears and lots of Amox to take! :) 

We are praying that Kaki isn't heading down the bad ear road like our sweet Caden has and her doctor said there is no reason for us to assume that she will... so for now we're just going to be thankful for health! And for doctors, insurance and good meds! :) 

Kaki has loved Christmas this year and is much more aware of everything obviously! She loves looking at Christmas lights and often shouts JESUS as we comb the hood looking at all of the lights! :) And her favorite ornament is one we have a Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus... she points and says Jesus. She also likes all of the BA-OH-LS... or Balls. I love how she says it in her deep throaty voice!

Speaking of words we've got a few now: shoes, balls, Jesus, Thank You, Please, Hello, More, BIRDY,  Cheers, Bath, Shower (sort of), diaper, bottle, ROLL IT, pat it... there might be a few more but this is what I can remember for now.

And speaking of Cheers... the girl loves her some Cheers... she will Cheers your cup over and over again! And she does it with some authority so you have to be careful when you reach out to cheers Kaki! It's so funny how much she enjoys it!

Kaki is still an independent reader which drives me CRAZY but I guess as long as she is interested in books we're doing okay. I have to catch her when she is really tired, which usually means that I miss it because Justin gets bed time with Kaki and I get it with Caden... 

Speaking of Daddy... she does love her Daddy... and they have so much fun together! They laugh and giggle and she gets so excited when he comes home and says let's go on a run, especially right now because they get to go look at Christmas lights. Justin says she sits up the entire time and says oooooo and Jesus! Silly girl!

Kaki loves to dance and CLAP... she is a clapper like her Daddy. And she has even started to conduct while we ride in the car like her brother... oh dear!

Oh the car... her least favorite place! We have to be armed and ready before road trips still and have yet to find the magic cure other than food... she is enjoying her paci MUCH more these days which helps, but she is not into TV and likes music but only for a time... poor girl is going to learn to love it! Right?! 

Oh... singing! Kaki can sing... and it is beautiful! She sings "ME" in Jesus Loves Me sometimes and then "ME" in another song we listen to in the car. She also does the "WHOO" to the Hokey Pokey which is her and Bop's special song they sing together... although now we ALL sing it with her because she loves it! Today, I showed her how to sing it with her dolls and also how to play patty-cake... she looked at me like I was the smartest person in the world and loved playing it with her dolls! So funny!

Kaki is a pretty picker eater. I would say her favorite foods are still waffles and pizza. But she and Caden both have found a new affection for crackers with cream cheese... random I know but they love them. She still likes mac n cheese, bean burritos and french fries of course. She also loves ice cream and frozen chocolate chips for dessert. I have a hard times getting her to eat fruit and veggies although she'll eat applesauce and would get baby food pouches if I still let her which I try not to but might have to start up again since she is not eating her fruits and veggies! She is still a MILK lovin' girl but has also started to like a bit of juice. She loves water and does not want anything to do with carbonation unless it is WAY WATERED down and comes out of fancy red straw... just ask my Aunt Martha who let Kaki finished her cranberry limeade at Thanksgiving. Kaki was her BFF.

Kaki is painfully cute and sweet and a bundle of laughs. She has attitude and sass and has a problem at times with hitting and sometimes biting although I feel as if we have made major headway in that department. We love her to pieces and can't imagine our family without her. If I've said it once, I've said at least 17 times... she is EXACTLY what our family needed and we Praise God because of her!

Happy 17 Months Kaki-Lou!

And now... the sad round up of pics...


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