Monday, October 24, 2011

To Appease Our Fans...

Alright... WELL... I have been patiently waiting for Justin to do some blogging from his BIG football road trip with the Cade-man... he REALLY wanted to blog, so I said sure... I'd love to have a bit of a blog break and let you take the wheel... BUT it has now been WELL OVER a week since their big weekend and we have FANS... and they are WAITING for more sweet pics of our kids! Come on, Daddy... get with the program!! Grandma and Gram and Bop... and those sweet aunts and uncles are ALL getting antsy!!

So in hopes of appeasing our fans I have taken the liberty (you're welcome) of posting a few random iPhone pics taken over the past few days... or maybe weeks... you never can tell!

Sweet Kaki girl in her Bumbo!!

We've actually got a big week of posts coming up with sweet little little turning 4 months on the 27th! Woah, baby!!

Miss K got her some new bows... a fall collection... and I upgraded her to a bit bigger bow!! I am a tad picky when it comes to bows... I like the ones that are attached to the headband for now... I like how they lay flatter on her head! Until she has some hair to clip it in, the headband/bow is going to be out go-to... and the end of my spare change! :) God Bless etsy!!

You like my bow??!!!

I think it is safe to say she is enjoying her new, BIGGER-BOWED look... all smiles!! :)

And creepy-eyed Caden down below was reluctantly posing for a FIRST JEANS AND JACKET pic of the season before school last week... I couldn't believe we needed such clothing!! Of course this week we are back near 90... but I hear there is another cool snap headed our way... so our jacket won't go too far!

And today... a lazy Monday around these parts. Lots of laundry and a day where we stayed in our PJs ALL day!! I love those days!!

Block building while Kaki was napping this morning... we were pretty proud of our creation... and of our fashion... go rogue!

And later this afternoon... same outfit... just new accessories... playin' football in the house... :) Oh the shame these pics may cause this poor child someday... but to be fair... it is Mommy and Daddy who still put him in his itty bitty pj shirts! :)

That's all I've got for now...

More to come...

Happy Monday!


Melissa said...

Thank you for appeasing us! Love the new size bows...Kaki is looking precious in them! Caden is looking mighty fine in his pjs as well, i think we have the same ones for Carter!

Steph Meyer said...

i missed these faces! thanks for the update!

Cori said...

Love the picture update! They are both as cute as ever! Love y'all!