Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fabulous FOUR (months!)

Four Months Old... can it be?! I should know by now that YES, yes in fact it CAN be! As time goes by... at the speed of light, my kids grow right along with it. As fast as weeds it seems, although they are the kind of weeds with the pretty flowers on the ends, of course!

Kaki has changed the MOST this month than in her previous three. She has been MUCH more awake during the day, playing in the variety of baby accessories we have for her to choose from... the exersaucer, the bumbo, the activity mat, the swing and then there is always the floor, the couch, the bed, her rocking chair! The girl has plenty of places to be and be seen that is quite certain.

Kaki-girl is one serious napper these days and I cannot believe I have a "in my bed three times a day" napper... crazy! The 3 nap thing with Caden seemed darn near impossible, but with Kaki she is very clear when she needs to go down and has pretty much set her own schedule, which is amazing. Although, to be fair to myself I think it may have the slightest bit of something to do with knowing how important schedules can be and most importantly how important SLEEP is for any growing kid. I am not going to say that it has been easy... I have to let her cry some and I HATE IT, but I believe in it, so I have been stickin' to my guns! Today, though... I was really close to yanking her out of bed because I just couldn't stand to hear her so upset... she was really putting on a good show for me. It was so sad :( But like I said ... I believe in it! (for my family... not for every family!)

For the most part Kaki-pants is one happy, goofy girl. She smiles with her entire face... crinkling her little nose up to her eyeballs when she is really tickled. And speaking of tickled she is SUPER ticklish, but we have to work really hard to get a peep out of her. She is like her KK and does the silent giggle... we ALL go crazy when she finally belts out a little laugh. It is so unexpected and HILARIOUS!

She is "talking" a lot more... especially the last few days... really ooooo-ing at us... not so much goooo-ing, but definitely oooo-ing! :) Again, I don't know how she'll ever get a word in with her UBER verbal older brother around.

Speaking of older bro... boy does she ever love him. She grins so big when he is around and is enjoying "playing" together. Playing together usually consists of Caden piling ALL of Kaki's toys around her, covering her with a blanket, showing her how to say sic 'em bears or asking her to "watch dis, tacki!"

Caden is also very helpful and tells me when he thinks Kaki is hungry... which is usually every time she cries... which normally he is right. She cries when she is hungry!:) She is eating 5 to 6 times a day depending on our day. I am still pumping and supplementing her last half to full feeding of the day, depending on how much I've been able to pump that day! 3 months down... hopefully 8 more to go!! :) Think we can do it?!?!?!?!

Kaki has got some SERIOUSLY immature tear ducts that we have been nursing... they aren't getting much better but her doctor assures me that she will not be slimy-eyed forever... but it could take several more months! Poor thing!! She's still adorable, even with slimy green boogers coming out of her eyes! Of course she is!

Kaki is taking after her brother and loves her a good book. We are having so much fun reading all of her girly books, although I must say that her library pales in comparison to her brother's... hint, hint grandparents! :) We must keep building!

Even though last month I made fun of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and how much Kaki dislikes watching it... I actually think she LOVES it... her head will find that TV no matter where she is in the room. The other day she almost turned over trying to watch it while I was changing her diaper... and turn over yet, but she is dangerously close! In her own time she'll be turning circles!

I can't say enough about my sweet girl... she completes our family in a way I didn't even know it needed to be completed... does that make sense?! She is the four in our foursome! We all love her pieces and can't believe it has ONLY been 4 months... it seems as she as always had a piece of our hearts! We love you Kaki girl! Here's to 4 fabulous months! Happy Birthday!! :)

I am OUT of white onesies that fit... SO we had to utilize a patterned onesie instead... luckily we had one that matched the colors of her picky sticky! Phew! We tried a new photo shoot location today, but I think next month we might be back to the white blanket... although it was fun to "play" in her room today! :)

Here she is... in all her 4 month old glory... Kaki-pants!!

We really got to work on her lady-like-ness...

Sweet girl...

No bow today... sometimes I just love "simple Kaki"... she is beautiful all on her own!

Action shots...
Happy girl...


KK said...

Love that last happy girl picture! Such a cutie. Note taken on the book situation! Wouldn't want to deprive that sweet girl!

Lindsay said...

ahh those pinch-able!

Yes, I'm doing the WW for breastfeeding...I like all the extra points I get!