Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A-YEEN!! Here we come... (or came...)

This weekend the Cox Family Circus hit the road once again and headed out West where the wind blows and the tumbleweeds tumble... "To A-YEEN, MOMMY!!! To A-YEEN, DADDY!" Yes, sir Caden to A-YEEN we are a goin' and in A-YEEN we'll be a staying for TWO DAYS! Hurray!

Our trip was like Thanksgiving in March... everyone ended up being in town except for Josh and Emily! In fact, we tried to convince Uncle Josh to drive over from Nac for the weekend to play with family since Aunt Emily had fun girly plans... but he turned us down for the golf course! :( Can you imagine? Turning down a crazy house full of Whitakers for a nice, peaceful weekend on the golf course?! I never will understand it! :) We missed you Josh and Em!

Justin, Caden and I were in Abilene for a very specific purpose... to pick up Kaki's super CUTE PINK furniture that my Aunt Martha and Gram had purchased months ago in hopes that Kaki would in fact be a girl... if she weren't a sweet little bundle of pink, KK was going to use the furniture in a room in her house, BUT bonus... we both got to take a few pieces of it home! Of course there will be pictures to come of all the PINK! :)

Plenty of other occasions brought us all together as well... My Gram's birthday, which isn't until April was celebrated, we all got to check out my cousin Michelle's BEAUTIFUL new home which was part of the Parade of Homes in Abilene this weekend, AND the school age kids of our group were all home from college on Spring Break, so it was FANTASTIC timing to say the least!!

When we arrived on Friday evening the boys went straight to it... a "C-man" reunion...

And of course they were both up to NO good! I have no doubt that in a few more years, heck MONTHS these two will define an entirely new meaning to "keeping us on our toes!!" BUT, they really are BOTH the sweetest boys!! EVER! Not that we're biased!!

See I told you they are sweet... look at those chubby-armed hugs!!

After dinner on Friday we sang a ROUSING rendition of the Happy Birthday Song to Gram, who oddly enough is turning THREE this year! :) Guess we were a little low on candles... or we were afraid the smoke detector might go off if we put 'em ALL in! :) Just kiddin' Gram! You still look not a day older than 18!

Isn't that the sweetest group of Whitaker smiles you've ever seen?! And not a ONE of them looks like the other... it's a darn shame really... who knows if they are really even blood related... I think a DNA test might need to be considered!

After all of the singing we broke into the ITALIAN CREAM CAKE goodness that was my Gram's birthday cake... oh my, was it good! So good that on Sunday night when we got home I was KICKING myself for refusing to take a few slices home for myself and for Kaki, of course! Kicking myself!! But when Gram is involved, I can be assured that she'll be pulling out of the freezer the next time we're all there and I'll get to have my piece... :)

BUT when I downloaded my TWO pictures that I took from the weekend (all others you are enjoying are courtesy of our family photog for the weekend, Boozy (Cy's mommy)) I realized that it was clearly divine intervention when I refused the cake... Kaki is getting BIG and so is her Momma! Whooo-wheee...

Of course, I realize the XL Men's T-Shirt I am wearing more like a tunic isn't all that flattering, BUT BOY is it ever comfy!! And that is all that matters right?! It was a casual Saturday around Abilene! Saturday morning we spent some time with my Uncle Roger and Aunt Kay on my Dad's side of the family. They actually live in the same house that my grandparents lived in before they passed in 2004. It is the house that I visited them in my entire childhood... and it holds very fond memories! AND according to Roger and Kay my grandparents have only recently vacated the premises... apparently their ghosts have been roaming the halls for the past few years! :) We poke fun, but I guess you never really do know what God and his angels are up to, and I assure you that both of my grandparents are some of God's best workers! :)

And on a completely other note...the older I get the more I am reminded how much I look like an Evans... bless my heart!!

I love the next pic... the brothers and their wives and CADEN, of course! :)

Roger and Kay took us to eat at the MOST FABULOUS Chinese food restaurant while we were there, in fact it is rated among the top 10 in America and that's right folks... #6 resides in Abilene, TX of all places! And boy was it ever good! I can't wait to go back!!

After lunch and little more visiting, we took the Chade back for a nap and relaxed at Gram's. KK graced me with a wonderful home pedicure complete with the one of the new Texas edition OPI colors... she could go into business... my feet look fantastic! Thanks Kk for pampering your girls! :)

Once Caden was done snoozin' the afternoon away we all loaded up and went to check out Michelle's house on the Parade of Homes route! Caden was excited to see these two when we got there...

CY... DEE!! He kept saying their names over and over again!!

And who could blame him... these two are quite an unforgettable pair! Wink! :)

After we checked out all of the fancy duds adorning Michelle's new home we went back to Martha's for some outside time... where Caden had his FIRST (and hopefully last) run in with the pool... he fell in... :( BUT thankfully, Rick (Cy's Daddy) was channeling David Hasselhoff and snatched him RIGHT up... he was only soaked from the waist down... now that's impressive! Thank you Rick... as Justin said, "I'll give you my next kid or my right arm... take your pick." Rick politely declined both, but asked for a cut of the profit if Caden ever did anything that made him some serious cash! We said...DEAL! :)

After a dip in the pool there is nothing better than a little air up the shorts to dry you out! Daddy was in route to get some dry clothes...

And this guy was still having a BLAST!! Look at that smile!!

Later, a solid purchase of three play balls for the boys earlier in the day made for LOTS of fun. The older boys had retired to the BIG TV to watch a little March Maddness, but what they didn't realize is that Caden and Cy were puttin' on quite a little show of their own! Their loss!

Lots of playin' and hoopin' can make a family hungry... so what's for dinner?! HAMBURGERS AND FRENCH FRIES of course! What a FUN way to end our trip to Abilene... the next morning there was lots of goodbyes and of course a FEVER for Caden, because I mean what's a trip to Abilene without a fever?!

Poor guy is STILL battling the same sinus infection that he had two weeks ago and after a trip to the doctor yesterday he has an ear infection too because one of his TUBES is making its way out... NOOOOO... AND after all of that, our WONDERFUL doctor decided it was time for us to take some action and get this poor boy some help... SO we are going to see one of Justin and I's favorite people... THE ALLERGIST!! We go next Friday! We are praying we can get some relief from our little allergy nerd! So much for breastfeeding for a year and having TWO dogs as a way to prevent allergies... doesn't count if you live in Austin, TX... the allergy capital of the WORLD!! It's true... okay well not sure about the world, but definitely the nation!!

Thanks for a GREAT trip Whitaker Clan... can't wait until we all meet again!! And thank you GRAM for putting up the Cox Family Circus for a few nights! We always appreciate your hospitality and your CHEESE grits! :)

Love you all!!

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KK said...

It was an action packed trip wasn't it?? Dang we weren't even there 48 hours! Can't wait till you reveal the pink!