Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Today, I went in for my 24 week check up for Miss Kaki... AND drum roll please... all is good! YAY! I am so thankful for every appointment that is uneventful! I talked to my doc about my "growing by the day" spider veins and got a refresher on the meds I can take for my stinkin' allergies and we called it a day! Next time I'll get to drink that yummy orange drink and give them a little blood and after that I'll start my EVERY TWO WEEK appointments... can that be right?!

Kaki is continuing to prove to be a feisty little thing and my mom and I were talking today about the possibility of her being a little red head... :) She was bopping the nurse and her Doppler today and yet again was trying to escape us... and again she got all fired up and went from a heart rate of 140 to 160 in a matter of minutes... she's getting bigger so there are fewer places to hide now!! Poor thing just wants to be left alone! :)

And speaking of being left alone... Caden felt Kaki move for the first time yesterday! It was hilarious! Anytime I lay back on the couch or in a chair and stretch out, Kaki goes CRAZY... like finally she has the room to get her groove on and so she does. Well, Caden was snuggled up next to me yesterday afternoon watching some tube and I thought I'd give it a whirl! And sure enough she kicked him four times in a row... he giggled and giggled and said "yah...yah..." Then when Justin got home he told him how Kaki kicked him... and demonstrated by kicking with his leg. Then today he got up on my lap and started trying to use his foot to kick my belly (not hard)... and he said "kick, Kaki..." I think he is confused on who is supposed to be doing the kicking! :) A sweet experience to watch my two little ones begin what I hope will be a life long friendship!

In BIG BOY BED news...

Caden has had TWO great nights in his bed! TWO really good naps and one not so good nap. And when I say not so good, I mean he kept crawling out of his bed and knocking on the door... hahaha... like let me out! But after some settling he ended up doing just fine. AND... both this morning and today during nap he stayed in the bed until I made it up there to get him down... progress! Definitely progress! He is VERY proud of himself every time he sleeps in his big boy bed... it's fun to watch his little chest puff up and his smile shine from ear to ear! We are proud of him too... and we're keeping our fingers crossed for more good nights and naps in our future!!

That about sums up our week thus far... been enjoying the beautiful weather with lots of time outside in the backyard and at the park... I do LOVE Spring! :) And yes... that is why my allergies are bad... BUT I figure it's worth the sniffles! PLUS, my doctor said that a little "color" on my legs will help camouflage those nasty veins! :) I think he was hinting at how badly I need a tan...Bring it on!! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far!! Much love bloggies!!

PS: I just realized that both of my kids' names are flagged with spell check!! And I'm thinking that means we picked some GOOD names! :)

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KK said...

Hahaha! Love that they both are flagged. I hadn't noticed about Kaki yet but I don't guess I have typed her name that much. (fyi...so kaki didn't flag when I typed it just then) Can't wait to have my turn to feel Miss Kaki do some kicking!